Everlane Alpaca, ReCashmere & Cashmere Sweater Review

Everlane Sweaters Review

Above: Top to bottom – Everlane ReCashmere, Everlane 100% Cashmere, Naadam, Mott & Bow, Everlane Alpaca Oversized

Though we’re well into spring, the weather has still been chilly here so I’ve been making full use of my sweaters while WFH. Everlane is currently running a sale on their cashmere sweaters which are normally an affordable $100 and are now only $75. I figured this would be a good time to share my experiences with their various sweaters thus far.

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Sewing & Donating Homemade Face Masks

Homemade Face Masks for Hospital Donation

This week, I’ve redirected my extracurricular efforts towards sewing face masks at home. More and more hospitals and health facilities have opted in to accept donations of homemade face masks alongside commercially produced PPE. Not because they are a substitute for N95 or real surgical masks – they are not! – but because they are better than nothing when (and it sounds like it will be when, not if) PPE runs out.

It has been inspiring to see seamstresses at Elizabeth Suzann and State the Label take initiative in contributing to these efforts, along with many others per the NYTimes. After reading this LAist article and seeing many local hospitals listed in this UC Berkeley student-built list, I decided to do the same. If you’re interested, here are some resources to help out!

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New Hobby: Knitting & Resources for Beginners

beginner knitting tips and resources

During Christmas this past year, I picked up a Wool and the Gang beginner knitting kit – and have been hooked since. Before that, I last picked up a pair of knitting needles at least almost 20 years ago. Which is to say, I was a total knitting noob! But I’ve learned a lot along the way, shared below – and hope you find this useful as well.

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Indie Yarn & Stitch Markers

Above: Hello Stella yarn from La Mercerie, and the cutest fish-shaped stitch markers.

What a week – Monday seriously feels like a month ago. Here are some random Friday thoughts:

Small business appreciation: 

More and more businesses are making tough decisions, such as Boba Guys and their uncertainty about post-COVID reopenings. Trying to do our part in supporting where we can, through take-out or gift cards. On the bright side, we’re saving on commute spend – which is perfect for putting back into local businesses where we can.

Getting back into the workout groove: 

Luckily, there are many free, online options in this digital age. I signed up for Peloton’s extended 90-day app trial and plan to check out the 20-min classes Barry’s Bootcamp has been posting on IGTV. 

We already have all the basic equipment (more on that here and here), so I really have no excuse to slack off

Supercharging hobbies:

My knitting productivity has gone through the roof – I started on this Vanilla Is the New Black sock pattern and am on track to finish one of the socks by tomorrow.

On that note: Brit+co is offering their classes free through 3/31 with code SELFCARE. I’m eyeing this watercolor class package and this line drawing bundle.

Virtually connecting with friends:

Thanks to Zoom & Google Hangouts, we’ve already had multiple virtual happy hours with friends – and more scheduled for next week. There’s really nothing that prevented us from doing this before, and I hope these continue even in a post-’Rona world!

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Currently Shopping: Local & Small

Above: Image from Unsplash

With the recent “shelter in place” order in the San Francisco Bay Area, many local small businesses deemed “non-essential” have taken a huge hit. And even outside of SF, many independent shops have temporarily closed and sent employees home to practice #socialdistancing and hopefully stay healthy. While we can’t save these businesses single-handedly, here are a few things we’ve done to help support where we can.

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