Recap: Black Friday Purchases

As we saw this year, Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales start times have been creeping up earlier and earlier. Gone are the days of braving the IRL crowds as your only option – with multiple sales kicking off well before pumpkin pies are in the oven.

It’s easy to get sucked into the frenzy of buying all of the things! at a steeply discounted prices – especially when some brands only run sales once a year. In the past, I’d find myself buying things not because I truly need or wanted it – but because it was on sale. This applied to both holiday sales and sample sales (ah, the glory days of living in NYC). Once I found myself liquidating most of those items after – either donating or ebay-ing – I vowed to take a more methodical approach to curating a thoughtful closet.

I thought it might be interesting to share my purchases and revisit a year later to see whether these pieces were truly incorporated in my wardrobe. Keeping myself in check, to an extent.

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My First 10×10 Challenge: California Rainy Winter Edition


After seeing so many people participate in various forms of a Fall 10×10 challenge, I decided to give it a go. If you’re not familiar with the 10×10, you can read more about it on at Stylebee, where it first originated in 2015. Since then, there have been over 25k posts under the tag #10x10challenge on Instagram.

The tl’dr version is that you take 10 pieces of clothing (including shoes) and try to create 10 unique outfits. Sounds easy, but I actually found it challenging (though fun) my first time around. This exercise encourages you to get creative with the existing pieces in your closet, and hopefully inspires some new outfits with old favorites.

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TRY ON: Bryr Clogs Review

Bryr Studio SF

As mentioned in my Sevilla Smith post – I’m not a “clog person” so to speak. But, the more I saw Bryr clogs on Instagram and blogs, the more I was drawn in. Overall, I like that Bryr has styles that look more like true sandals and less like traditional clogs, so to speak. The thinner, more lightweight wood provides a delicate touch, along with the smaller sole.

I’m fortunate to live near their studio in San Francisco – so I decided to stop by one afternoon and try on a few styles and see them in person. The ladies there were very helpful and patient, it was a great experience overall.

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Holiday Gift Guide: For Her (& Kind of Him)

While this post is labeled as a holiday gift guide, it can also be a general shopping guide for yourself as well. Most of the items are geared towards women, but many of the brands listed also have men’s items that also make wonderful gifts. I am personally familiar with most of these brands, and can vouch that their pieces will last.

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Is Rakuten (Ebates) Legit?

Note: This post is not sponsored by Rakuten – I simply enjoy using their service, and wanted to share more information and my experience using Rakuten for cash back on purchases.

You’ve likely seen Rakuten’s TV ads by now – perhaps their Super Bowl clip or this Ebates is now Rakuten ad to really drive the point home. As a long time user of Ebates, I was sad to see the name go – but glad to see that much of the core cash back functionality remains the same.

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