Orly, China?

China really seems to be on a roll nowadays. First, Wen Jiabao scolds the US for taking on a protectionist edge- role reversal much? Then, China wants to break up with the US dollar to take on a “new super-sovereign reserve currency.” And if the whole Huiyuan-Coca-Cola fallout didn’t make Chinese intentions clear enough, China blocked YouTube for allowing a video of the beating of Tibetans by Chinese officials to be uploaded.

Although, apparently, everything’s hunkydory again, since YouTube is back up and accessible in China. Really, what’s the point of blocking the site, anyways? That just generates curiosity as to why the hell it’s blocked, and people will use proxies to find the omgscandalous!video. Which is pretty counterintuitive, si? Then again, it might be worth it to see amazing comments, like the ones here. Oh man, haha.

I’m definitely looking forward to the coming months as China pulls more power plays like these.

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Skittles + Twitter = ?

So apparently, Skittles has changed its homepage into a social media portal. I think the concept is pretty cool, though I’m not a fan of the execution. When I went to the actual website, I actually hit backspace to go back to the Google search results, because I thought I had clicked on the Wikipedia link for Skittles. Maybe it’s not that confusing- it could be the sleep deprivation kicking in , hah. Also, I personally don’t like the floaty widget windows because they feel like they’re in the way of the overall layout and design. Although in this case, one could say the widget is the only part of the website that’s really “designed”.

Lol @ the fact that people posted profane tweets once they found out Skittles had the Twitter search feed on its front page. Gotta love the internet <3

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And here we go

After much copying and pasting of Lorem Ipsum countless visits to the Validator of D00m, Since Wen is finally up! There’s not that much content at the moment, but my portfolio is up and running, so feel free to check it out.

It’s now time for me to stuff myself with Chinese Foreign Policy goodness. Stay tuned for more blog posts on media, tech, and of course, some randomness here and there.

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