Have a unique name? Owned.

Just the other day, I was actually thinking about Chinese last names, and the popularity of certain surnames. Then this article popped up on the NY Times today. As if individuality in names wasn’t enough of a problem already, the Chinese government manages to pwn those who have managed to procure somewhat unique names.

Lol @ the response from an official when a girl wanted to renew her identity card:

“Your name is so troublesome and problematic,” she recalled an official telling her. “Just change it.”

If only I could just say that to anything troublesome or problematic in my life, psh.

Out of curiosity, I looked up Wen on the list of the 100 most common surnames in China. I was expecting it to be around 40 – 60, but surprisingly enough, it’s not even in the top 100. Aw, I feel speshul.

Imagine if the US government did something like this in regards to first names- I would never have to see porn star names like “Krystii” on my Starbucks cups ever again!

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