To the Bottom of the World: Antarctica & More

Just wanted to make a note of an update before I jet off to the land of penguins and ridiculously scary looking seals. Well, first a pitstop in Peru & Machu Picchu, and then Antarctica. Being off the grid will be strange – no telephone, no internet, no electricity… kidding about that last one.

Many people have threatened me with bodily harm if I do not take sufficient photos and post them up somewhere (seeing as I’m notorious for never loading pictures on Facebook), so I shall keep my promise and be posting an Antarctica photography log. That’s right, there’s nothing there yet since I am still in the land of Dispair right now, but am heading to LAX within a few short hours.

As the disclaimer notes, I will definitely post pictures (never stated a timeline though, bwahaha) as long as I return with my internal organs and camera equipment intact.

Until then, Since Antarctica will be a cheery placeholder.

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Our Dear Leader, He Likes To Look At Things

This goes along very nicely with my post on the most accurate and unbiased news source in the world.

Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things

“Looking at corn”

That is all.

Oh wait, I do have two questions:

  1. How many spare pairs of super snazzy sunglasses and fur hats does the Dear Leader have? I’m thinking he’s like Miranda in the book-version of The Devil Wears Prada, and wisely bought the entire production.
  2. Will Kim Jong-Un inherit his father’s chic trademark fashion? I don’t think he can quite pull off the look.
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A Graphic Design A Day Keeps the Ignorance at Bay?

A few days ago, I stumbled onto this cool graphic design project by San Francisco based Johnny Selman called BBCX365. The title is pretty self-explanatory: his goal is to create one graphic design poster a day, based one of BBC’s headlines.

His simple purpose, quoted from his site:

The purpose of this project is to promote the awareness of global current events with the American public.

While the project is definitely interesting and many of the posters inspirational, it hasn’t quite reached the widespread awareness he’s aiming for, especially to this extent:

I will light a fire that spreads beyond your fences and into your house. I will set ablaze your dormant minds. I will turn your preconceptions to smoldering ash. I am the arsonist that will wake you the fuck up.

That there be some powerful language, but admirable anyhow. So far, the BBCX365 project has been picked up by sources like The Telegraph and various well-known design blogs, which is a good start considering the September kick-off date. It’d be great to see it really gain traction with the new year rolling in.

One of the more powerful images:

Passive Smoking ‘Kills 600,000’ Worldwide

And a few more I enjoyed, after the jump!

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