The Sound of Silence, Eh, Not So Much

Yes, a new post exactly one week after the previous one. While I may not have faith in my blogging skills, I figured it’d be just a little sad to fail the Post a Week Challenge in only one week. Topic for the post: What is your favorite sound?

It’s tough to narrow this down to one sound in particular, so here are my top three:

  1. Traffic – Not the grueling, honking-filled traffic that you’d find on the Bay Bridge. Moreso the everyday traffic of cars, trucks, bikes and people on busy streets.
  2. Coffeehouse – Cheating a little bit here, too, since a coffeehouse doesn’t produce sound on its own. This includes the combination of baristas making espresso and steaming milk, clattering plates and cups, and the usual hum of people talking and working.
  3. Rain – The only natural sound on this list. For me, definitely more calming than the sound of waves.

If I had to narrow it down to one genre of sound, the sound of busyness wins, hands down. This would explain why I enjoy working in cafes so much, despite all the potential distractions, and why I’m okay with living on the corner of such a busy street.

As for a sound I’ve never heard but hope to hear someday? The sound of a nuclear powered Russian icebreaker crushing through 10-feet-thick Arctic ice ;]

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Once a Week, Post I Shall

Since I have made a grand total of zero new year’s resolutions, this will be perfect. I somehow stumbled upon the WordPress Post a Day 2011 and Post a Week 2011 experiments the other day, as I was wandering through the site. Totally normal thing to do, I know.

As most people know, I’m pretty horrible at blogging and updating on a somewhat timely basis. Whenever I come up with an idea for a post, I’m always conveniently far from my computer. By the time I get home or hijack someone else’s computer, that spark has dissipated. This then results in my staring at a blank WordPress text box with the blinking cursor mocking me. Which is also oh so reminiscent of many a night of starting a paper only a few hours before it’s due. *shudders*

Anyways, what better way to kick off this new, oddly numbered year than with a blogging resolution? As per the WordPress Post a Week 2011 (pah, as if I was even entertaining the idea of the Post a Day version) guidelines, I will blog at least once a week for the rest of the year. To make up for the late start, there will be at least two posts per week until I catch up.

I know, I give myself 3 weeks before I crumble. We’ll see!

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