Something Old…

Two posts in a row? No wai. Cheating a little bit again, since this is another photo challenge from The Daily Post.

Without further ado, the Weekly Photo Challenge: Old

Machu Picchu
First unobstructed view of Machu Picchu while walking the trail to the ruins. Visiting in the winter (aka off season) was really nice – fewer crowds and greener views.

Ollantaytambo Ancestors
Inside a home in the village of Ollantaytambo – lots of artifacts on their walls, along with the skulls of their ancestors.

I’d say the subjects of about 90% of the photos from this trip count as “old”, but these two particularly stood out. Peru photos will be edited and posted, although Antarctica is top priority for now!

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Something Blue…

Yes, I am horrible at updating and posting. But hey, I lasted three weeks longer than I originally imagined, though!

Today’s post is brought to you (again) by The Daily Post. This time, in the form of a photo challenge: Ocean

Port Charcot Iceberg Cruisin

This photo was taken in Port Charcot on December 26, 2010 – our 3rd official day in Antarctica. Technically, it’s a bay and not an ocean, but it’s a fairly open bay, so close enough. Vladimir’s zodiac is up ahead, while we wait our turn for the photo op. After taking the photo of this giant iceberg, we chased after a seal, which then got us stuck and stranded in a sea of ice floes for over an hour, hah. Despite the freezing cold (while 30F degrees is warm, the wind will get to you after sitting outside for 2+ hours), it was fun times :]

Though technically not a true, full-length post, this is definitely better than nothing. And it’s also proof that I’m slowly (very very slowly), but surely working through them Antarctica photos. The layout of Antarctica website needs some fixing – mass photo-uploading shall commence when I’ve finished!

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