Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

As I continue updating my Antarctica site, I’ve started working through photos from the Peru leg of our journey. I can’t believe I took 700 photos in the span of two days – talk about being trigger-happy. Granted, most of these are toss-outs, but it’s still an obscene amount.

Here’s the photo for this week’s challenge – Entrance:

Chapel doors in Hotel Monestario, Cusco

This photo was taken inside the chapel at the beautiful Hotel Monestario in Cusco, Peru.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Something Old-Fashioned

While taking a break from work, I started rearranging/cleaning the folders on my computer and stumbled upon some photos I took back at my old apartment in Berkeley. This apartment is a relic of decades gone past – the building was built in 1928 and still has a lot of the original features. I’m pretty sure the hardwood floors have never been changed (yes, there were a lot of mysterious stains), along with the subway tiled floor in the bathroom. The outlets definitely do not comply with standard fire codes, considering they’re 1. ungrounded and 2. two-pronged. Yes, two-pronged outlets in the 2010s – who would have thought?

Despite these slight inconveniences, that apartment does still have a special place in my heart. Here’s a (fairly noisy) shot of the 1950’s gas-range stove, which contained very helpful cooking time tips for dishes I never made:

(which also happens to match the old-fashioned weekly photo challenge, har har).

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