Happy Holidays 2013: Kickstarter Edition

Four Kickstarter favorites from this past year:

1. Ghost CMS Platformvia Kickstarter
Open source blogging platform with a beautiful, clean design. Official website over yonder.
Ghost on Kickstarter

2. The HuMn Walletvia Kickstarter
A sleek, minimalist RFID blocking wallet – not that I would use one necessarily, but this is the best design I’ve seen so far.
HuMn Wallet on Kickstarter

3. GameStickvia Kickstarter
A portable TV game console, all within this one controller.
Gamestick on Kickstarter

And last but not least…

4. Veronica Mars Movie Projectvia Kickstarter
Veronica Mars Movie Project

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Happy Holidays 2013: Subscription Box Edition

After months of reading about Birchbox online and seeing friends post their latest boxes on Instagram, I decided to try the subscription service out for myself beginning in February. My first box of goodies was meh, but subsequent boxes improved after I tweaked my profile a bit more. I also began subscribing to the Coco Rocha Fancy Box and Quarterly Co’s Pharrell box – though both of these yielded interesting items, in the end the cost:value ratio wasn’t quite right for me. For now, I’ll only be sticking with Birchbox – though if something piques my interest in this now saturated marketplace (subscription boxes are becoming the new daily deals), I may still give it a try.

Subscription box favorites of the year include:

1. Coola Cucumber SPF 30 Moisturizervia Birchbox
One of the few SPF moisturizers that doesn’t smell heavily like sunscreen – which is the downside of those from brands I would otherwise favor, like Cetaphil and Philosophy.
COOLA Cucumber SPF 30 Moisturizer

2. amika Obliphica Nourishing Maskvia Birchbox
Unoffensive floral scent that isn’t saccharine sweet and light enough to use as an everyday conditioner for dry, heat-styled hair.
amika Obliphica Nourishing Mask

3. RUFFIAN Nail Lacquervia Birchbox
First experience with this brand – the formula was promising, stayed on for a week and the colors are full coverage (no watery formula here!). As a fan of green, Hedge Fund was the perfect shade to receive a sample of.
RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer

4. Moleskine XS Class Notebook in Purplevia Fancy
Can’t go wrong with a Moleskine – the extra small size can be thrown into any bag or clutch, and the purple was a nice change from my usual black.
Moleskine XS Classic Notebook in Purple

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Happy Holidays 2013: Music Edition

I dubbed 2013 as The Year of Music – prior to this year, I had attended maybe… 3 or 4 live concerts total. Growing up in the ‘field, not many artists (at least, the pop artists I listened to back in the day – BSB 4eva) passed through town, so live concerts weren’t a significant part of my childhood. This dearth continued through college and my early 20s until 2013, when I began to take advantage of some of the endless opportunities in the Bay Area. I kicked off the year with Muse’s 2nd Law tour in Oakland (which was nothing short of amazing), continued through with Coachella in the spring, Kaskade’s intimate Redux show at Monarch and concluded with several smaller shows in San Francisco.

Below are a few favorites from 2013:

1. Bastille
When I was a more frequent user of HypeM (our old office didn’t allow Spotify use), I came across the Kat Krazy remix of Pompeii. Haven’t had a chance to see them in concert yet – but fingers crossed for 2014.

2. Yuna
Heard her first through the Adventure Club remix of Lullabies (there’s a trend here) and was lucky enough to catch her show at Yoshi’s in SF just one week ago.

3. Two Door Cinema Club
Originally saw them at Coachella and again at the Fox Theater in Oakland – both shows were really fun with a ton of energy.

4. St. Lucia
Admittedly, I had never heard of them until they opened for Two Door in Oakland and was pleasantly surprised.

5. Wild Belle
Courtesy of Shannon, saw them live at The Independent. The leader singer has a great voice, and I really dug the Rag & Bone jeans she was rockin’ that night.

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