REVIEW: DeMellier Vancouver Bag

DeMellier Vancouver Bag Review

Above: Elizabeth Suzann Cocoon Coat in Fawn, Everlane ReCashmere Crew in Bone, DeMellier Vancouver Bag in Smooth Black Leather

While researching classic crossbody bag styles, I recently stumbled across the English brand DeMellier. The brand already has somewhat of a cult following from Meghan Markle fans, as the duchess has been spotted with their Mini Venice bag multiple times. However, it was the DeMellier Vancouver bag that caught my eye with its classic box shape and understated elegance. During the flurry of Black Friday sales, I jumped at the chance to get it for 20% off from, Le Bon Marche’s digital outpost.

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Recap: Black Friday Purchases

As we saw this year, Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales start times have been creeping up earlier and earlier. Gone are the days of braving the IRL crowds as your only option – with multiple sales kicking off well before pumpkin pies are in the oven.

It’s easy to get sucked into the frenzy of buying all of the things! at a steeply discounted prices – especially when some brands only run sales once a year. In the past, I’d find myself buying things not because I truly need or wanted it – but because it was on sale. This applied to both holiday sales and sample sales (ah, the glory days of living in NYC). Once I found myself liquidating most of those items after – either donating or ebay-ing – I vowed to take a more methodical approach to curating a thoughtful closet.

I thought it might be interesting to share my purchases and revisit a year later to see whether these pieces were truly incorporated in my wardrobe. Keeping myself in check, to an extent.

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TRY ON: Bryr Clogs Review

Bryr Studio SF

As mentioned in my Sevilla Smith post – I’m not a “clog person” so to speak. But, the more I saw Bryr clogs on Instagram and blogs, the more I was drawn in. Overall, I like that Bryr has styles that look more like true sandals and less like traditional clogs, so to speak. The thinner, more lightweight wood provides a delicate touch, along with the smaller sole.

I’m fortunate to live near their studio in San Francisco – so I decided to stop by one afternoon and try on a few styles and see them in person. The ladies there were very helpful and patient, it was a great experience overall.

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2019 Holiday Sales Roundup (Updated 11/29)

‘Tis the season for sales – here are a few from some of my favorites, along with those I’ve been eyeing but haven’t yet pulled the trigger on. I will try to keep these updated over the next few weeks, as multiple variations of Black Friday sales have emerged as the norm these days.

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REVIEW: Girlfriend Collective Leggings & Sports Bra

Girlfriend Collective Leggings Review

It’s been a while since I last purchased workout clothing, most recently from Outdoor Voices (review here). Which all in all, is a good sign. However, I was in need of replacing an old pair of leggings, so as I researched sustainable activewear I stumbled upon Girlfriend Collective.

They’re not a new brand by any means, though this was my first time hearing about them. Girlfriend Collective leggings and sports bras are basic in style, but come in over 20(!) colors and a wide range of sizes at a reasonable price point. Their leggings start at $68 and their bras at $38. I decided to give them a try after reading some positive Instagram comments about their leggings.

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