Viva Versace for H&M

How time flies – it’s officially less than a week from the November 19th launch of Versace for H&M. This means it’s time to strategize what to buy and what to keep.

Dress Number One:

Work-appropriate, yet with a bit of edge. This one’s definitely a keeper if I can snag it.
Versace for H&M Dress

Dress Number Two:

Edgy LBD that should be good for multiple seasons. So far, this is a maybe, depending on the other items I choose to keep and the quality of the material.
Versace for H&M Dress

Dress Number Three

Ahh, the classic Versace leather dress that’s been making the rounds over the past few months. Fantastic dress, but not very practical. This one’s a maybe.
Versace for H&M Leather Dress


Love the style – I just don’t know if it’s worth $129, even with the Versace name attached to it. I feel like I can find something similar from Aldo for less than $100.
Versace for H&M Sandals


Saw this skirt in person at the Union Square store, and it looks a lot better than in photos. However, $129 is a bit pricey even for silk, so this is a maybe.
Versace for H&M Studded Skirt


Matching top, seems a bit more versatile than the skirt and $69 is a fairly reasonable price, given that the material is silk.
Versace for H&M Studded Top
While the Versace for H&M collection is pretty fabulous, it doesn’t have as many wearable pieces as the Lanvin or Jimmy Choo collaborations. I’m sorry, but there’s no way I’m going near any of the crazy 90’s-esque archive printed items. Also, there are fewer items at an affordable price – last year, the Lanvin T’s were $40, which is pretty reasonable given the amount of embellishments.

Despite that fact, I’m still going to line up in the wee hours of the morning this Saturday. Thankfully, Michelle is also crazy enough to line up with me! Fingers crossed that the forecasted showers on Saturday will prevent too many people from lining up pre 5AM.

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