Midweek Musings: Community & the State of Retail

Community Organized Facemask Donation

While I was prepared to optimize my 9-to-6 schedule for productivity, I wasn’t expecting to feel this sense of… timelessness that is starting to settle in after only two weeks of WFH. I often find myself forgetting exactly what day of week it is, especially without regular “outdoor” anchors. So I wanted to take a moment midweek to parse through some feelings and thoughts.

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Indie Yarn & Stitch Markers

Above: Hello Stella yarn from La Mercerie, and the cutest fish-shaped stitch markers.

What a week – Monday seriously feels like a month ago. Here are some random Friday thoughts:

Small business appreciation: 

More and more businesses are making tough decisions, such as Boba Guys and their uncertainty about post-COVID reopenings. Trying to do our part in supporting where we can, through take-out or gift cards. On the bright side, we’re saving on commute spend – which is perfect for putting back into local businesses where we can.

Getting back into the workout groove: 

Luckily, there are many free, online options in this digital age. I signed up for Peloton’s extended 90-day app trial and plan to check out the 20-min classes Barry’s Bootcamp has been posting on IGTV. 

We already have all the basic equipment (more on that here and here), so I really have no excuse to slack off

Supercharging hobbies:

My knitting productivity has gone through the roof – I started on this Vanilla Is the New Black sock pattern and am on track to finish one of the socks by tomorrow.

On that note: Brit+co is offering their classes free through 3/31 with code SELFCARE. I’m eyeing this watercolor class package and this line drawing bundle.

Virtually connecting with friends:

Thanks to Zoom & Google Hangouts, we’ve already had multiple virtual happy hours with friends – and more scheduled for next week. There’s really nothing that prevented us from doing this before, and I hope these continue even in a post-’Rona world!

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