Grainline Scout Tee Pattern Review

Scout Tee Pattern Review

I purchased the Grainline Studio Scout Tee pattern early on during shelter-in-place, but only got around to using it this past month. I’m not sure why I waited this long – it’s an excellent basic pattern for a non-stretch tee! And even though this pattern is basic, there are a ton of modifications you can make to jazz up and customize it to your liking.

Unlike the boxy Shirt No. 1 which has ‘drop shoulders’ and no shoulder seam, the Scout Tee is shaped more like your traditional t-shirt. So if you like more fitted armholes, you may prefer the Scout Tee over the Shirt No. 1. Regardless, it’s nice to have options!

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Ogden Cami & Crop Pattern Review

Ogden Cami Pattern and Crop Review

When perusing sewing hashtags on Instagram, I consistently came across the ubiquitous Ogden Cami from True Bias. This pattern has over 17k(!) posts tagged with the #ogdencami hashtag. Side note: I love browsing pattern name hashtags on Instagram, it’s a great source of context and inspiration. I decided to give the pattern a go and see the hype for myself while the weather is still warm.

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Axis Dress & Skirt Pattern Review

Axis Dress Skirt Pattern Review

Papercut Pattern’s Axis Dress & Skirt first caught by eye back in May, when browsing through the various #memademay2020 posts on Instagram. Since then, I’ve completed one practice muslin dresses, two dresses and one modified skirt, all in the pencil skirt silhouette. I very much enjoyed the process of putting these together, and hope this review helps you if you are looking for a new dress pattern to try out.

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Willow Tank Pattern Review & Hacks

Willow Tank Pattern Review

The Willow Tank (& Dress) Pattern from Grainline studio is a classic, slightly a-frame tank top perfect for summers and for layering under sweaters in cooler weather. 

This was my second pattern from Grainline, the first being a simple shopping tote bag. I love that they do in-depth blog sew-a-long posts, which were helpful for a mega beginner like myself. I’ve now sewn five of these tanks (yes, you read that right) in slightly different variations, notes below.

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