Cuyana Oversized Alpaca Sweater Review

Cuyana Oversized Alpaca Sweater Review

Above: Top – Cuyana via Poshmark; Bottom – Mott & Bow jeans; Shoes – Birdies Ani Slides; Bag – Lo & Sons Pearl crossbody

As usual, I had been eyeing the Cuyana Oversized Alpaca Sweater for a while… I feel like this opening phrase is now standard for most of my review posts. I’m trying to be more conscious about what I add to my closet these past few seasons. I try to adhere to a one-in-one-out policy, though there are exceptions if I really love a piece and it’ll be something I wear regularly. When possible, I also try to buy second-hand – sometimes, this is my only choice if I’m looking for a retired piece like the retired Everlane silk tanks.

This review is for the Petite version of the Oversized Alpaca Sweater – unfortunately, Cuyana no longer makes it in Petite and now has two sizes: XS/S and M/L. I tried on the XS/S in the San Francisco store, and found it just a bit too loose and baggy, despite that being the style. After stalking the internets for weeks, I was excited to see someone selling the shorter Petite version on Poshmark. I quickly snagged it for $75 + shipping instead of the usual $185.

Size & Fit

I found this style to be the perfect oversized fit – large enough to drape well, but not so large that I feel like I am swimming in it. The length is shorter in the front than the back – the back covers my butt loosely. I am 5’4” and normally a size 2, X-Small or Small in tops, depending on the style and the brand. For reference, I wear Everlane t-shirts and sweaters in size Small and Everlane blouses in 2. If you are a size 4-6 or taller than I am, then the XS/S will work likely well for you.


This top is 100% Baby Alpaca Wool – I find non-cashmere wool to be hit or miss. Some irritate my skin while others don’t. For the most part, this top is itch-free, though my skin does get irritated every now and then. I would say its itchiness grade is somewhere in between cashmere and merino wool – not nearly enough to be a dealbreaker.


For years, I used to be a devoted dry cleaner. But now that I know I can wash silks and wool without screwing them up, I try to save dry cleaning for the occasional, seasonal clean or when I really need something pressed. When I first received the top, there were two small spots that looked removable so I decided to hand wash and lay flat to dry. It washed perfectly, and now feels even more comfortable on my skin without causing any irritations.


So far, so good! I see this being a staple in my daily wardrobe, and will update this post in a few months to share how it wears over time.

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