Try On: Everlane Perform Leggings Review

Everlane Perform Legging

When Everlane announced their new Perform Legging line, I was immediately intrigued like many others. Especially given its $58 price tag. I decided to stop by their San Francisco to give them a try, as it’s difficult to gauge the quality, feel and fit of leggings via online product descriptions. I hope you find this quick Everlane legging review helpful.


The Perform Leggings come in a wide range of sizes and two lengths – regular is 28” and ankle is 25”. I tried on both lengths in size small, and surprisingly both fit well without any bunching at the ankle. For reference, I am 5’4” and typically wear a size 2/26 in pants. I love the seamless high waisted fit – it was firm but not constricting at all (which I find some high waisted leggings can be). The waistband feels very similar to Lululemon’s Align leggings, with just a bit more support.

Specifically, I tried the Lichen leggings (top) in ankle length and the Ink Grey leggings (bottom) in regular length, paired with a Cashmere Square Turtleneck:

Material & Feel

I like that these are made from recycled nylon – specifically, 58% recycled nylon and 42% elastane. They feel very similar to my Lululemon running leggings in Luxtreme, and somewhat similar to my Girlfriend Collective Compressive Leggings (reviewed here). My Girlfriend leggings are definitely more compressive – which isn’t surprising given the lower spandex/elastane content. While these aren’t as soft as my Lululemon Aligns, I would feel comfortable wearing the Everlane Performs on a cross-country flight.

I purposely tried on leggings in two of their lighter colors and was pleasantly surprised by how smooth they looked. While I wouldn’t call them compressive, I would feel comfortable walking around publicly in these while running errands.

Squat Test

I did the squat test (not pictured – highly unflattering) and these passed, for the most part. However, I was wearing nude colored seamless underwear, so to be honest the bar wasn’t that high. While the leggings seem generally opaque, I would avoid wearing any crazy patterns or contrasting colors underneath. Unless, of course, you want them to show – you do you!

I hope you find this quick review helpful in your purchase decision. Overall, I think these are solid leggings for the price – which is 40 – 50% cheaper than Lululemon and 15% cheaper than Girlfriend Collective. The only reason I didn’t buy any is that I just bought new leggings a few months ago. I’ll certainly consider it if I need to replace a worn-out pair in the near future.

1 Week Later Update: Sweat Test

I ended up receiving a pair from Everlane, gifted, and immediately put it to the sweat test. I wore them to a spin class (sweat level: moderate-high) and they performed admirably. No visible sweat stains on the lightest colorway, Lichen. The knee area also held up and didn’t get baggy at all after a 45 minute class. I’ll continue to wear these regularly and will update this post with how they fare over time.

Partnership Disclosure: This blog post was not sponsored by any of the brands listed above. As always, all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links, in which I earn a commission on purchases.

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