February Thoughts & Updates

How quickly 2020 has been flying by – I can’t believe we’re almost a quarter of the way through the year. Trying a different post style today – instead of focusing on a specific topic, a brand, or an item, this will be a collection of random yet related updates that you’ll hopefully find slightly interesting.

Getting more use out of my closet

At the end of December, I decided to give the wardrobe app Stylebook a try. While I’ve done a decent job paring down my closet this past year with the help of reseller sites, I still wasn’t great at fully utilizing most items. It’s now been two months, and I’m still going strong with my tracking and my planning. So far, it does a great job surfacing items that I haven’t worn recently, which I then add into my rotation for the week.

Making instead of buying

I realize that even more so than before, I’ve been trending towards boxier, loose-fitting pieces of clothing. And while I love supporting local brands like Only Child, my wallet doesn’t love it quite as much :) In addition to investing in quality pieces from admired designers, I’ve decided to try my hand at making basics instead of buying. To do so, I am….

Learning to use a sewing machine

This is a skill I’ve been wanting to pick up for some time. My only experience with sewing has been scrappily hand sewing satin ribbons onto my pointe shoes as a teenager. Not only would sewing be useful for simple alterations, but also for creating basic pieces at a $$ price instead of $$$. 

I’ve taken two classes so far with Workshop SF (recommend!), and created my first Shirt No. 1 successfully during the 2nd class. While the size I made was a little too cropped, I look forward to making more and experimenting with modifications. A few friends have also volunteered to be guinea pigs / recipients of extra garments, because I definitely do not need five versions of the same top.

Just keep knitting

In addition to sewing, I’ve picked up knitting again. My mother taught me the basics as a child, but I’d forgotten most of it until now. It has been a fascinating exploration of the depths of Ravelry (via r/knitting) and the world of indie yarn dyers. I am obsessed with Explorer Knits yarns in Harry Potter and National Parks inspired hues – two of my favorite things. And Ali, the owner, donates a portion of each sale to the National Park Foundation. Amazing! Currently knitting these socks with some practice yarn.

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