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SYWTTA does a great job distilling current social issues, such as Black Lives Matter, apoliticism, and mail-in voting into key talking points. Great for sharing and starting constructive conversations, especially with friends or family.


Rachel E. Cargle invites individuals to #DoTheWork to build awareness around what it means to be an ally and not simply performative.

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Good Morning 🌞 Just another quick Saturday School lesson for you, loves. Revisiting this particular lesson and I hope it offers some critical language and a more critical lens as you engage in these conversations in your own spaces. • 1. Yes/But also known as “whataboutism” , is a variant of the “tu quoque” logical fallacy that attempts to discredit an opponent's position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving their argument. (source: Zimmer, Ben. WSJ, 2017 ) . 2. White people, when referring to themselves, often put the word “white” in quotation marks. Over text it’s understood that these translate to air quotes. In the English language we take air quotes to denote sarcasm or irony. This is a form of delusion in which white people believe that they are a default and have no labeling while everything else indeed does — as it becomes convenient for them. . 3. She then, as expected, didn’t seem to find the need to put quotes around black people. . 4. The deep desire for white Americans to tokenize successful black people as a means to bury the realties of systemic racism and push ideologies of merit based achievement have been one of tools of this country since its inception. From the “happy slave” to “but look at Oprah and Obama” these efforts push to reinforce the “American Dream” to black Americans despite the structural economic and political barriers that exist in our racist society.Tokenism glorifies the exception in order to obscure the rules of the game of success in a capitalist society.” (Source: Dana L Cloud; “Rhetoric of Tokenism”) . 5. When the discussion of racial justice and/or critique of our racist system is punctured by bringing up the cases of Oprah or Obama note that its rarely ever followed by dynamic discussion about reproducing those success in this “new and shiny system we have”. It’s however a plea to “SHUT UP AND BE GRATEFUL SOMEONE LIKE YOU FINALLY GOT SOMEWHERE” • If you enjoy learning from me consider joining me and the thousands of other curious humans over at my donation based monthly learning platform @thegreatunlearn. Link in my bio. • Happy Weekend Ya’ll! 🌿

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At the start of the movement in June, the organizers were quick to have meaningful discussions with big brands in the maker space (think: Mood Fabrics, Brother). Every Monday, they feature a Black maker with Q&As about their stories and advice.

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Lighthearted Fun


How adorable is this couple? An unexpected fashion account featuring a grandma & grandpa in Taichung, Taiwan, who reinterpret old clothes that have been abandoned at their laundry business.

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6/27-7/27,讓萬吉和秀娥多麼驚奇一個月! 秀娥:「不要覺得自己老就想每天休息,因為這樣,只會讓你越來越老!」 一個月前的今天,姑且一試的發了照片,沒想到讓萬吉秀娥從不知道Instagram 的老人,變成了會看留言的年紀大的人! 👴🏼萬吉(身長160) 針織衫:至少5-10年未取針織衫 上衣:萬吉私服T-SHIRT 短褲:萬吉私服工作褲 👵🏼秀娥(身長155) 上衣:至少3-5年長版落肩T-shirt 裙子:秀娥30年以上私服 💡溫馨提醒|洗衣服請記得拿❤️ From 6/27 to 7/27, what a surprising month for Wan-Ji and Sho-Er! Sho-Er said, “Don’t just keep resting every day because you think you’re old. This will only make you older!” One month ago, I’d posted some photos and unexpectedly turned Wan-Ji and Sho-Er from old peoples that didn’t even know Instagram to someone that read through comments! 👴🏼Wan-Ji(160 cm) Sweater: unclaimed for 5-10 years Top: Wan-Ji’s own T-shirt Bottom: Wan-Ji’s own working pants 👵🏼Sho-Er(155 cm) Top: Long, oversize T-shirt, unclaimed for 3-5 years Dress: Sho-Er’s own dress, worn for at least 30 years 💡Remember to pick up your clothes ❤️ #萬秀洗衣店 #萬秀的洗衣店 #wantshowasyoung #grandparents – – _ #mixandmatch #clothes #ootd #instafashion #style #fashion #couple #夫婦 #80代 #grandma #grandpa #femmefuture #classyvision #vintage #古着 #コーディネート #love #laundry #outfits

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I love that Animal Crossing has its own niche on Instagram – this account showcases a Harry Potter themed island full of creative ideas.
Note: I do not agree with JK Rowlings views. However, I believe the HP world is so much more than the author, so I continue to support the fans and community.


Hilarious interpretation of national parks posters with real, negative reviews as the slogan.


Creative, fun, recreations of outdoor scenes created indoors. The Great Indoors, if you will.

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