Once a Week, Post I Shall

Since I have made a grand total of zero new year’s resolutions, this will be perfect. I somehow stumbled upon the WordPress Post a Day 2011 and Post a Week 2011 experiments the other day, as I was wandering through the site. Totally normal thing to do, I know.

As most people know, I’m pretty horrible at blogging and updating on a somewhat timely basis. Whenever I come up with an idea for a post, I’m always conveniently far from my computer. By the time I get home or hijack someone else’s computer, that spark has dissipated. This then results in my staring at a blank WordPress text box with the blinking cursor mocking me. Which is also oh so reminiscent of many a night of starting a paper only a few hours before it’s due. *shudders*

Anyways, what better way to kick off this new, oddly numbered year than with a blogging resolution? As per the WordPress Post a Week 2011 (pah, as if I was even entertaining the idea of the Post a Day version) guidelines, I will blog at least once a week for the rest of the year. To make up for the late start, there will be at least two posts per week until I catch up.

I know, I give myself 3 weeks before I crumble. We’ll see!

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  • Anonymous

    Good luck, Kristy. I established my website this year and also set the goal of one post per week. So far, so good, On top of work, social/family time and not wanting to spend my life on a computer, I felt this was a reasonable goal to aim for and strikes a good balance. Provided you have the desire, time and ideas, it should be achievable. All the best.