Online Retail Usability: Barneys New York

I swear, I don’t go around to retail websites to nitpick at usability issues – with the craziness of the holiday season, I’ve been navigating through these sites much more often than usual. Today’s culprit is Barneys New York. More specifically, their check-out and subsequent registration process.

Shopping Bag Screen

So you’ve placed a nice (likely expensive) item (or five) in the shopping bag, and now you’re ready to checkout and get them itemz in your hand. After looking through to make sure the items, sizes and quantities are correct, you scroll down to hit the “Checkout” button, except wait a second… (Click on the image for an enlarged version)
Barneys Shopping Bag Online
After scanning all the info on the right, you have to switch to the far left in order to initiate the checkout process. From a distance, those call-to-actions on the left look obvious, but when you’re zoomed in and focused on the shopping bag info on the right side, the CTAs are nearly invisible.

As a side note: no, I did not actually buy this lovely (and very expensive) bag – hah, I wish! Anyways, let’s say you decide to register for an account, which leads to issue numero dos:

Account Registration Screen

(Click on the image for an enlarged version)
Barneys Register Account Online
Same problem! Again! What the heck, Barneys. Also, in this view, there’s the Newsletter email “submit” button at the bottom right that provides a bit of additional confusion.

Although this wouldn’t necessarily deter me from purchasing something from Barneys’, it would be a more pleasant experience if the actions were designed as part of the form flows.

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