Ruggable Plush Moroccan Rug Review

Ruggable Plush Rug Honest Review

Last month, I wrote a long overdue review of my 8×10’ Ruggable washable area rug. As mentioned in that post, I also purchased one of the newly released plush rugs in a runner size, which I’ve now had for over a month. If you are thinking of buying one of their Morrocan plush rugs, I hope you find this review helpful!


Ruggable’s plush line comes in two white & black designs — a simple Diamond pattern and an Ornate pattern. I purchased the Diamond design in a 2.5’ x 10’ runner size for one of our main hallways. Originally, I actually purchased the shorter 7.5’ version, but when it arrived, realized how terribly I’d miscalculated the space. Thankfully, Ruggable’s exchange process is pretty easy, and I was able to quickly return and swap it for the longer version.

Overall, I like neutral patterns (if you can’t tell from my prior purchase), so I think the design is great and very on-trend. My only concern is whether it will get dirty over time, as I’ve placed it in a high traffic area. While we don’t wear shoes inside the house, I’m not sure if other wear & tear will show. Only time will tell – and I’ll be sure to update this post periodically!


This rug definitely feels fluffy — it’s not as substantial as an old sheepskin rug I have, but I wouldn’t expect it to be given its materials. Because it’s a thicker rug overall, I decided to forgo the attached rug pad. I purchased a less expensive rug pad from Amazon, which has worked out quite well. Does it feel super cushion-y? Definitely not – but that’s a trade-off I am willing to make for a rug that is machine washable!

After washing (more on that below), the texture did change slightly – the ‘fur’ is a little more clumped together. I actually like this more, as it looks more natural now.

Ruggable Plush Rug After Washing
Above: Slight texture variation after washing.


A+ here of course, given that this rug is machine washable. It’s a very quick and simple process for washing the plush rug, especially in the runner size, which should fit in all washing machines. So far, I’ve washed this rug once on a delicate cycle, and hung it to dry afterwards. Because the temps are still warm here, I placed this across two laundry racks in our garage and it dried in about 1 full day. 


Overall, I am a fan of the Moroccan plush line. This rug feels very cozy on the feet, and I like that I was able to get away with a simpler rug pad for half the price. If you’re looking for a machine washable fluffy rug, I definitely recommend giving this one a try.

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