Fall Favorites (& Gift Ideas): Knitting Edition

Hello Lavender & Explorer Knits

Above: Knitting a pair of vanilla socks with Explorer Knits yarn and Hello Lavender stitch marker.

It feels crazy to be thinking about the holidays already, but I find myself starting to plan both Christmas and birthday gifts (winter birthdays are very popular in my family). We’ve sadly accepted the fact that we won’t be seeing family in-person. Gone are the days of large Thanksgiving, Christmas and Chinese New Year gatherings.

So in lieu of the “normal” gifts I would normally buy, I’m thinking something handmade might be a nice change. You get a sock, and you get a sock! And maybe a small quilt!

Recently, I’ve purchased some “necessary” materials for these projects from awesome BIPOC makers and business owners. Some of these can take a few weeks to a few months as they’re made-to-order. If you’re starting to think about gifts for a maker in your life, these could be perfect if timed just right!

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Beginner Friendly Sewing Patterns & Projects

Beginner Friendly Sewing Projects

In the spirit of #memademay2020, I wanted to share some sewing & knitting projects I have been working on, along with those queued up for the rest of the month. I know I’m a bit late to this as it’s mid-month (side note: I feel like time is flying by so quickly these days). I’ve worked on a few things already, so I’m technically not too behind!

All of these are beginner-friendly, so I hope this list is helpful for those who have picked up sewing as a new hobby during this time. For me, it was a little overwhelming to figure out where to start with what patterns, especially when some of them are so similar. There really is no right or wrong way to go about it, as it’s ultimately about practice – but I hope this project list is useful for anyone looking for entry level sewing projects.

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New Hobby: Knitting & Resources for Beginners

beginner knitting tips and resources

During Christmas this past year, I picked up a Wool and the Gang beginner knitting kit – and have been hooked since. Before that, I last picked up a pair of knitting needles at least almost 20 years ago. Which is to say, I was a total knitting noob! But I’ve learned a lot along the way, shared below – and hope you find this useful as well.

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