The Curated Teddy Coat Review

Curated Teddy Jacket Review

Though it still feels like summer, the leaves are starting to turn and colder temps are just around the corner. I’m a bit late in joining the teddy coat train, but with WFH continuing for the foreseeable future I needed an ‘elevated’ blanket to wear during cold winter days (the insulation in my home is terrible). 

If you’ve read my other Curated review, you know I’m a fan of the brand. While the Curated teddy coat has been out for several months, I couldn’t find any reviews online – so I decided to bite the bullet and order one for myself. I hope you find this review helpful!

I waffled between the shorter Teddy Jacket and the longer Teddy Coat, especially since the latter is only $20 more. Ultimately, our California winters don’t get that cold, so I opted for the shorter Modern Teddy Jacket in white for $275. They also have a Classic style (doesn’t come in white) that has an oversized notch lapel that more closely resembles the Max Mara Teddy Bear.

Curated Teddy Coat
Above: Curated Modern Teddy Jacket; Tee: Alternative Apparel; Shoes: Birdies; Jeans: Everlane (reviewed here); Bag: DeMellier (reviewed here)


Like their other pieces, the Teddy is made of quality materials – 100% wool on the exterior, and 100% silk lining. While the wool is soft, it is not bathrobe-y soft like polyester versions of this style. It feels more like… the shearling lining of a pair of UGG boots, if that makes sense. Not the most glamorous analogy, but it is still plush and very warm. The silk lining has a smooth, almost slippery, handfeel, and is more substantial than regular silk crepe de chine. 

I can’t recall the exact reasoning for this (something to do with COVID-19 and shipping times), but this jacket was shipped vacuum sealed in a bag vs. in a box. After receiving it, I laid it out on the floor for a day so it could get its ‘floof’ back. I also steamed it once, quickly. However, I need to give it another steam since it’s still wrinkled – nothing that a good steam can’t fix!

Fit & Sizing

I was looking for a ‘relaxed’ fit – not too tight, not too oversized. Especially since this is a ‘modern’ style that isn’t meant to be as oversized as the Max Mara teddy. I decided to go with X-Small, the same size I wear in my Classic Coat (reviewed here). It fits perfectly – for reference, I am 5’4” and typically a size 2 / 26. I have longer than normal arms for my height, and the sleeves are a good length on me.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

Overall, I think the Curated’s line-up of teddy coats, both Classic and Modern, are a great value for the quality they provide. If you are in the market for a well-made, wool coat that won’t break the bank, this is the coat for you!

Partnership Disclosure: This blog post was not sponsored by any of the brands listed above. As always, all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links, in which I earn a commission on purchases.

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