To the Bottom of the World: Antarctica & More

Just wanted to make a note of an update before I jet off to the land of penguins and ridiculously scary looking seals. Well, first a pitstop in Peru & Machu Picchu, and then Antarctica. Being off the grid will be strange – no telephone, no internet, no electricity… kidding about that last one.

Many people have threatened me with bodily harm if I do not take sufficient photos and post them up somewhere (seeing as I’m notorious for never loading pictures on Facebook), so I shall keep my promise and be posting an Antarctica photography log. That’s right, there’s nothing there yet since I am still in the land of Dispair right now, but am heading to LAX within a few short hours.

As the disclaimer notes, I will definitely post pictures (never stated a timeline though, bwahaha) as long as I return with my internal organs and camera equipment intact.

Until then, Since Antarctica will be a cheery placeholder.

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