2024 In & Out List

I’m about two months late for this type of post, but better late than never! With the weather slowly starting to get warm (albeit rainy as well), the switch away from heavy winter clothing has been on my mind. It’s so tempting to buy a bunch of new items for spring, so I decided to sit down and make my list of what’s “in” or “out” for me this year to help curb unnecessary shopping.


  • Jeans: cream / beige / brown only: I’ve been on a dark brown denim kick ever since renting these Redone jeans via Nuuly, but didn’t love the relaxed low-rise style. Recently, I tried on Reformation jeans for the first time and was pleasantly surprised at how well they fit (no waist gap). I am hoping the Val 90’s jean restocks in espresso!
  • Black slip dress: While I liked the quality of the Quince slip dress (compared here), it was too tight around my hips so I ultimately rehomed it
  • Snowboard jacket: I’ve had mine for ~5 years now, and my weight has changed a bit so it’s a tighter fit than I would like
  • Slim sandals: While I wore my Birkenstocks a lot last summer, I found myself lacking sandals for nicer daytime events
  • Slighty chonky beige / monotone sneakers: I’m still all aboard the comfy sneaker train! I wear my current sneakers quite a bit, my old beige New Balances have finally reached their end of life.

Out (aka No Buy):

I have enough of the following, and do not need more:

  • White button downs: linen, cotton poplin, gauze, washable silk – all bases covered
  • White sneakers: my Vejas, while stiff, simply last forever! I purchased my V10s secondhand in 2021, and replaced my Rothy’s lace-up sneakers (loved them but don’t love the new iteration!) with the Esplar, both of which are holding up great.
  • Jeans: grey / black: my go-to denim color for the past 10 years, it’s time to branch out!

While tempting given their popularity, I already have alternatives that are less trendy but will hopefully last more seasons:

  • Adidas Sambas / Gazelle sneakers: these are so in right now, which makes me think they’ll be out by 2025
  • Mary Jane flats: similar to the above, and I think these Rothy’s ones are so cute. But for now, I’ll stick with my day glove flats (Everlane & Quince), which almost give a similar vibe but are not as trendy
  • The Row Margaux: I love love love how the Margaux looks, especially the new soft versions. However, I know myself and I will not carry a bag that is too deep, so it would not be functional for me personally.

And last but not least, an extension of the above – anything that is über trendy at the moment:

  • Anything with very exaggerated, oversized silhouette: I find this hard to pull off on a day to day basis, and don’t think it’ll last
  • Plisse pants: very lovely, but similar, I worry that the trend of lounge-style-pants-as-hard-pants won’t last either

Bonus no buy: books. I’m trying to be better about planning ahead and requesting kindle ebooks from my local library, to avoid buying books that I will likely only read once.

Do you have a similar list for yourself? Would love to hear what’s on it!

Partnership Disclosure: This blog post was not sponsored by any of the brands listed above. As always, all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links, in which I earn a commission on purchases.


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