An Honest Review of Quince Sweaters: Cashmere, Alpaca, Merino & More!

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Quince Sweaters Review

At this point, I feel like Quince’s $50 cashmere crew is synonymous with the brand itself. After seeing positive reviews from Elaine, subsequently followed by some very relevant Tiktok ads, I decided to finally give their sweaters a try.

I’m continuing to update this post as I try more of their knitwear, index below for ease of browsing:

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Mongolian Cashmere

Cashmere Crew Sweater & Short Sleeve Sweater

Quince $50 Cashmere Sweater Review
$50 Cashmere Crew Sweater

I was excited to try these, after reading great reviews online. At $50 ($45 for the short sleeve version), this price cannot be beat. The closest contender on price is Naadam’s $75 crew sweater (reviewed here), which is still 50% more expensive.


I ordered both of these in an XS, for reference, I am 5’4” and fluctuate between 115-120lb. Quince’s different items have varied sizing, so I would definitely recommend reading reviews and their size guide. For example, while I fit a size Small in the leather jacket (reviewed here), the X-Small was a more appropriate size for their sweaters.

The short-sleeve version is slightly more fitted than the long-sleeve variation; the latter had a comfortable amount of room in the sleeves and body. If you’re looking for a closer fit, you may want to size down an additional size.


The cashmere material is very soft, and almost smooth / silky to the touch. Darker colors like black are fairly opaque, provided you aren’t wearing neon colors underneath. 

However, I noticed that these shed more than my other cashmere sweaters. When I handwashed the short-sleeve sweater, there were clumps of black fibers coming off on my hands each time I squeezed water out. Initially, I thought this might be normal and more visible due to the dark colors – but my burgundy Naadam and chestnut Everlane sweaters did not shed like this.


While these sweaters are priced attractively, I’m a bit concerned about their longevity given the shedding. I ended up keeping only the short sleeved sweater, which still looks fine despite the excessive shedding. I’ll continue updating this review over the seasons. 

Cashmere Polo Sweater

Though both sweaters have the same material – Mongolian Cashmere – this one feels notably more natural and luxurious, with zero shedding. For this, I sized down to an XS as I was worried that the front opening would be too low. I like how it fits overall, but I do wish I sized up to a S for a slightly more oversized fit as shown on the model. So I would recommend staying true to size.

Overall, I really like this as a top! It’s thin enough to easily wear under any type of jacket or coat, and tuck into pants or skirts without too much bulkiness. But warm enough to wear as its own layer in the fall or spring.

Cashmere Midi Skirt

Out of the Mongolian pieces I’ve tried, this one feels the most luxurious by far! Based on reviews, I decided to size up to a Medium. My waist is 27″, and I found the waistband to be about 1″ too large but like the looser fit throughout the rest of the skirt. I’m going to take a crack at trimming down the waistband myself – wish me luck :’)

Another hit here, once I take in the waistband I can see myself wearing this frequently. It’s so incredibly cozy and warm, and has a lovely weight to it. I’m able to tuck in thin layers – as shown above with the Cashmere Polo.

Alpaca Blend

Quince Alpaca Cropped Cardigan Review
Baby Alpaca Cropped Cardigan Sweater

Baby Alpaca Cropped Cardigan

I’d been on the hunt for a v-neck wool cardigan, and was excited to see this one in Quince’s line-up. It’s very reasonably priced at $60, and looked like the perfect balance of drapey and cropped-but-not-too-short.


I sized up to a Small, to get a slouchier fit. The v-neck runs a little deep for me, so I’ll be wearing this with a tank or similar layer underneath, which I don’t mind. It’s slightly cropped, and hits me right above the hip. I tend to wear it tucked in, just to give it a more cropped look. The sleeves are perfect, slightly ballooned but sleek enough to easily layer a coat on top.


Really soft and airy cashmere – this sweater has a looser weave, so it drapes really wonderfully. This does mean it’s more of a lightweight sweater, more appropriate for fall / spring unless you’re wearing it with a long sleeve layer. 

I will note that the ivory is a bit sheer – so if I want a seamless look, I have to be careful about the colors I layer underneath. I also find that this one sheds more than usual, but am not sure if it’s due to the material (baby alpaca). 


This is my favorite of the first three Quince sweaters I tried. I’m a little worried about the shedding, but less so compared to the cashmere crew given that it’s a lightweight sweater to begin with. I’ll be sure to update this review as time goes on.

Nov 2023 Update: This definitely sheds a bit, primarily only in areas of high friction – for example, I leave some fibers behind if wearing a shoulder bag with a fabric strap. Other than that, it seems generally OK!


Quince Yak Wool Review

100% Yak Wool Turtleneck Sweater

This was a new one to me! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with Yak wool – according to Taylor Stitch, Yak fibers are hollow and have a high warmth-to-weight ratio. The only consideration with Yak wool is that it tends to be darker – so you’re more likely to get medium-to-dark natural colors vs. a bright white. Which is totally a-okay with me.

Regarding the warmth-to-weight ratio, this sweater’s lightness was the first thing I noticed when putting it on. It almost feels like a cloud, though is considerably warmer than one! I’m not an expert in wool warmth, but I found it on par if not a little warmer than my usual cashmere sweaters.

Overall, I like the fit of this sweater – the arms are on the longer side (a plus for me), and the turtleneck is loose enough to feel comfortable, but snug enough to keep in the warmth. This one is a winner!


Australian Merino Wool Relaxed Sweater Dress

Believe it or not, this is my very first sweater dress! I was curious to see how Quince’s thick ribbed merino wool would compare to Everlane’s felted merino (reviewed here). I decided to order this dress a size down in XS, given the oversized style.

This is has a nice weight and warmth to it – unlike the Yak wool, it’s definitely heftier, which I think works for this style. It feels more dense than Everlane’s felted wool, but is also a bit thinner and less fluffy.

Top: Everlane Felted Merino; Bottom: Quince Australian Merino

The fit is interesting. Ultimately, I find it works best for me with the funnel neck slightly flipped down, given my short neck! I can’t wait to pair this with leggings and boots this winter, and will continue to update with any wear and tear as time goes on.

If you’re looking to make your first purchase on Quince, use this link to get $20 off your purchase of $200 or more. Please note that I’ll earn $20 as well, so thank you.

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