An Introduction

From December 24th, 2010 through January 1st, 2011, I joined my family on a nine day journey to Antarctica, the White Continent. My parents and I sailed with Antarctica XXI on the Ocean Nova with 56 other passengers along the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, beginning at Chile’s Frei Station on King George Island down to the Lemaire Channel.

Over yonder to the left, you can see the navigation area, which holds links to each post. I’ve split up each day into a few posts to avoid creating image-heavy pages. I’m still continuing to upload content (yes, five years later), and have just a few posts left!

In the meantime, here are a few pictures of Antarctica to distract you from the emptiness of the navigation area:
Port Charcot IcebergsDay 3 Port Charcot: Zodiac cruising around icebergs and ice floes, we got stuck in the ice, hah.

Admiralty BayDay 7 Admiralty Bay: Chinstrap penguins relaxing on a small iceberg in Admiralty Bay.

Cierva Cove ChristmasDay 2 Cierva Cove Christmas: The expedition crew surprised us with hot chocolate & rum while we cruised around icebergs in Zodiacs. Thanks Daniel Dietz (I believe) for the photo!

Why Antarctica?

Why not? When my parents first asked if I wanted to join them on a trip to Antarctica, my instant response was “Uh, what. Yes. YES. Wait.. really?” Many of the travelers on our ship wanted to bag the last continent, while others wanted to visit before the continent completely melts. I wanted to chase and terrorize penguins. To each their own.

All photos are also hosted on Flickr, sans commentary. If you manage to get through all of them, I commend you for your patience and persistence. Enjoy!