Baggu Inspired Sewing Patterns

Baggu Sewing Patterns

Left to right in header: Stowe Bag Pattern, Baggu Nylon Mini Shoulder Bag, Baggu Standard Bag, Crosstown Crescent Bag Pattern

I, like many others, love a fun and funky Baggu bag. My first Baggu is nearly ten years old now, and has been used countless times for local errands and far-flung travels alike.

Recently, I purchased fun printed cottons from 852 Fabric, which are perfect for accessories and bags. Which has led me down the path of looking for additional patterns that are similar to Baggu’s most popular pieces.

I hope you find the following list of patterns helpful – I’ve also tried to include free options when possible.

Standard Baggu

The classic! This is actually a very simple design, which you could reverse engineer from any ol’ plastic grocery bag. However, especially when starting out, patterns and videos are immensely helpful.

  • Stowe Bag by Grainline Studio
    • One of my first sewing projects back in 2020!
    • A bit pricier as an independent pattern making brand, but if you’re a beginner Grainline’s patterns + resources (sew-a-longs, video tutorials) are great
    • Includes interior pockets so it is great as a craft projects bag, but can be simplified by excluding
  • [Free!] YouTube Tutorial from Nancy Sewing Hub

Crescent Bag

Mini Shoulder Bag

Also known as the Prada Re-Edition dupe, with lots of fun customizable parts like adding bows a la the Sandy Liang collab.

  • Gabrielle Shoulder Bag by MissFrecklesDesign
  • [Free] DIY Prada Re-Edition from Miko Craft
    • The construction of this bag is very similar to the Crescent Bag, I’m currently sewing this now and using @gracomake’s YouTube video above as a reference

3D Zip Set

These are actually simple boxy pouches, for which there are a ton of tutorials online. If you make with regular cotton fabric (vs anything quilted or padded) they’ll collapse easily and fold flat like Baggu’s. My favorite YouTube tutorial for these is from Melanie Ham <3 with the accompanying blog post here.

Mini Cloud Bag

Camera Crossbody

The Alpen Belt Bag from CenterStreetQuilts is similar – it’s a belt bag first, but if you change the attachments it can wear more like a camera bag.

Duck Tote Bag

For a fairly simple and classic design, it was surprisingly hard to find a matching pattern. The two below are as close as I could get.

  • [Free!] Mini Tote Bag by Clothesnbits is a similar shape, minus zipper
  • Buckhorn Bag Pattern with zipper, leave off the backpack straps and add side tabs to attach a longer shoulder strap

And that’s a wrap. If I’ve missed any other great sewing patterns, please let me know. Happy sewing!


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