Battle of the Puffers: Quince vs Aritzia vs Lululemon

Last updated on December 3rd, 2023 at 10:35 am

After finally retiring my trusty old J. Crew long puffer coat, I was in need of a shorter replacement for our mild California winters. Of course, I had to give Quince’s affordable down puffer a try, and decided to see how it stacks up to its so-called competitors!

Quince Cropped Down Puffer Jacket

Price starting at $119

Quince offers their warmest puffy jacket in three styles: cropped, regular and long. All three are reasonably priced at $119, $129 and $179 respectively. I went for the cropped version, as our temperatures rarely drop below 32F/0C here in the Bay Area.

  • Fit: I purchased this in my usual size Small. I’ll be honest – at first wear, I didn’t love it. The shoulders seem to be bulkier than other jackets I’ve tried. You can see this with some of the colors featured on their website. However, in retrospect, it doesn’t look so bad in photos; and I realize it’s comparable to Aritzia’s Super Puff but just less noticeable since I have that jacket in a lighter color. The sleeves are definitely on the longer side, even for me and spider arms. Which is perfect for me, but I can see this being a bit too long for others.
  • Features: I like the knit cuffs with thumbholes, which add just a bit more warmth than regular knit cuffs. The hood is detachable via zipper, and the bottom can be cinched to hold in more heat.
  • Material: The exterior seems to be made of a fairly durable weatherproof material, similar to The Super Puff CliMatte.
  • Warmth: This jacket is quite warm – I haven’t had a chance to wear it out in truly cold weather yet, but I have no doubt that it will be toasty down to 32F/0C. Once winter truly starts, I’ll wear this up to the snowy Sierras and update this post accordingly.

Aritzia Super Puff Shorty

Price starting at $235

I purchased this jacket two years ago, and it has been my staple for brisk winter morning walks and snowy trips to Lake Tahoe alike. The Super Puff comes in many lengths and materials, and I’ve found the Shorty fits me best.

  • Fit: Very similar to the Quince Cropped Puffer, with ever so slightly narrower shoulder profile. However, I can’t recall if it’s always been like this, or if the shoulders have compacted after more wear. The Super Puff definitely runs large – I’m wearing an XS here and could have easily sized down to XXS for a closer fit. The XS allows me to wear a regular non-chunky sweater underneath.
  • Features: Thick, warm cuffs (though no thumbholes). At the time, mine was made with wool – not sure if that is the case for newer styles, however. The hood is removable, I typically wear mine without.
  • Material: I have the Cushcord version in Birch, which is a beautiful neutral. While I’ve worn it in light snowy conditions (ie. running quickly inside from a car), I would not push my luck with much more than that. I’ve previously tried on the standard CliMatte version, and the material feels substantial. The Super Puff line comes in so many variations — there’s bound to be one that catches your fancy.
  • Warmth: Solid. I’ve worn this in high 20s F / low 30s F with a t-shirt underneath, and have stayed warm on light activity walks.

Lululemon Wunder Puff Cropped

Price: Starting at $278

A very popular style, also offered in multiple lengths and colors. I tried both the classic cropped jacket and their vest version.

  • Fit: Both the jacket and vest are in Size 4, my typical size for Lululemon tops. I found the jacket to be the most flattering fit, with less bulk in the shoulders and generally, overall. Interestingly, the vest has a boxier fit with generous armholes for chunky sweater layering.
  • Features: Same – detachable hood and knit cuffs, though these are on the thinner side compared to the Super Puff.
  • Material: The exterior is weatherproof, but more lightweight compared to Quince & Aritzia. I would still feel comfortable wearing this in light inclement weather and wouldn’t worry too much about snags – but it’s definitely a little more delicate. Which can be a plus, if you’re worried about weight and bulk.
  • Warmth: Felt plenty warm, but not as much as the jackets above. I would feel comfortable wearing this down to the 40 F with a light shirt underneath.


Ultimately, each of these jackets have their pros and cons! I do think the Quince jacket is great value given the pricepoint, especially if you are in the market for a simple staple. Here’s how I’d break it down:

  • For price & value, Quince can’t be beat at half the cost of other competitors on the market.
  • For warmth, both Quince and Aritizia’s Super Puff perform best here.
  • For a streamlined fit (aka non-Michelin man look), Lululemon’s Wunder Puff wins.
  • And last, but certainly not least, if you’re looking for fun colors and materials (shine! iridescent! corduroy!), then Aritzia’s Super Puff offers a near-endless variety.

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