Blueland Eco-Friendly Dish Soap & Bathroom Cleaner Review

It’s been a minute – but I’m back with a slightly different review! After seeing Blueland’s ads pop up in my feed & through friend recommendations, we decided to give a few of their products a try.

Their most popular product is the foaming hand soap. However, we already had plenty of handsoap refills at home – we use Mrs. Meyers, but may try this larger one next. So we opted for their powdered dish soap and glass & mirror cleaner.


Blueland was founded on the basis of reducing single-use plastic consumption, particularly inside the home. Products are shipped in plastic-free packaging, made possible by their powdered formulas that reconstitute with water at home. Any plastic that is used (for the containers themselves), is minimal and multi-use.

Mirror & Glass Cleaner

This product is very similar to their famous hand soap – it comes with a reusable plastic spray bottle, plus 3 soap tablets. Each tablet makes a full bottle of cleaner when combined with warm water.


  • Works as expected – I used this on our bathroom mirrors mainly, and it provides a no-streak clean when combined with a microfiber cloth.
  • I like that the spray is more of a fine mist – less risk of dripping, and it means that a bottle goes quite a long way.


  • When filling up for the first time, be careful. I found that some of the cleaner would drip out of the nozzle very slowly – not sure if this is due to the warm water, but after 30min or so it stopped.

Overall, I’m a fan. It’s been 4 months and we’ve barely gone through our bottle (to be fair… I probably don’t clean our mirrors as often as I should), so I can see this lasting a long time. Which makes the $18 price tag much more palatable.

Powdered Dish Soap

This was my first time using any kind of powdered dish soap, and I was curious as to how it’d perform against our traditional liquid soap. I ended up purchasing the shaker secondhand from Mercari, and ordered only the soap refill from the website.


  • The bottle or “shaker” is made of a premium silicone material that is easy to hold and use. It has a little bit of grip, which helps avoid the bottle-sliding-all-over-the-slippery-counter problem (or is that just me? ha).
  • I thought for sure the powder would clump up over time, given its proximity to water. However, the shaker & dry pack inside did a great job of preventing that.


  • The powder takes getting used to. I had to be careful to not breathe when shaking it out – inhaling it was no fun.
  • This is actually quite pricey – I found myself running through a bottle of this faster (~4.5 months) than I do with traditional liquids (7+ months).
  • I found it difficult to wash particularly greasy plates / pans – this probably contributed to the above. Even then, there were times when you could still feel a bit of oil on a plate once dried.

While I liked the powdered dish soap in theory and many people on their website seem to love it – unfortunately it didn’t work out for us. 


Blueland is worth investing in if you are completely out of a specific cleaning product that would involve single-use plastic to re-purchase. I’d recommend stick to the products that use a tablet + water combination – so their hand soaps (love this natural bottle version) and various bathroom cleaners. Their laundry detergent looks promising as well – we may give that one a try next!

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