REVIEW: Everlane Authentic Stretch Skinny Jeans

Everlane Authentic Stretch Skinny Jeans Review

Everlane’s denim line is not new – they launched their first pair of jeans a little over two years ago. I decided to finally give it a try when I was in need of replacing a pair of (you guessed it) black skinny jeans. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I’ve previously been disappointed with jeans from similarly wallet-friendly brands like UNIQLO. 

I stopped by the Everlane store to try on a few different styles and sizes, ultimately deciding on the Authentic Stretch High Rise Skinny. While they didn’t have every color and size in store, I was able to get a good sense of fit before purchasing online. Now that I’ve worn them for a few months, I wanted to review them here for those who are interested in Everlane denim.

Though I wrote this review a month ago, I never got around to posting. I figured this is good timing as a distraction, and with Everlane’s current $50 denim sale!

Material & Holding Power

Of the jeans I currently own, these have one of the higher cotton content at 77% with 2% elastane. They have a heavier, more textured feel, and take a few wears to break in. That being said, once I broke them in they have been fantastic to wear – especially in the colder winter months. They have just enough elasticity to stretch a little where needed without losing shape even after several wears without washing.

Because of the thicker cotton material, these hold in more than jeans with a lot of tencel or viscose content.

Above: Everlane sweater, Everlane mini tote (reviewed here), Nisolo boots (reviewed here)


I was pleasantly surprised with the overall fit of Everlane jeans. I half expected them to be too narrow in the hip area, resulting in “flattened butt” syndrome, but that was not the case. Both the regular fit and curvy fit worked for me. They were roomy enough in the hip area without any waist gaps. I appreciate that they offer some of their most popular denim styles in multiple lengths and fits, as it saves both time and money on tailoring. 

I ended up buying the Size 26 ankle length in regular fit with a 10″ rise. Their ankle length is 26.5”, 2” shorter than the regular length. Though both the regular and curvy fits worked for me, I found the regular slightly more comfortable with the 1” lower rise on a short torso like mine. I would generally say that they run true to size. I tried a size 27 in a lighter wash and those were too loose for me.

There is a bit of a break-in period, however. The first time I wore them to work, I had to use my standing desk because the waistband was too tight. After several wears, they fit perfectly now and are comfortable enough for sitting, eating, etc.


The only flaw I can find with their jeans is the color fastness. Mine started out as a very rich black, but after a few washes they have begun to fade. The fading is mostly in high contact areas like the edges of pockets and the side seams (see closeup). It’s not a ton of fading, but in contrast, I haven’t seen the same happen with my Mott & Bow jeans. However, the vast majority of the visible material isn’t fading, so I’m not too bothered. 


Overall, I’m impressed with Everlane’s denim line, especially their Authentic Stretch High Rise Skinny. I can see myself adding more Everlane denim as my other jeans start to wear out, and I like that they’re both ethically and price conscious. If you’re interested in other styles, I also tried their Cheeky Bootcut here, which was different but similarly comfortable!

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