REVIEW: Everlane Day Tote Mini

Last updated on January 2nd, 2021 at 10:11 pm

Everlane Day Tote Mini Review

I was fortunate enough to offered an item from Everlane as an affiliate partner last month, and decided to go with the Everlane Day Tote Mini. Since July, I’d been eyeing this newer silhouette of their Day Tote. Originally, I wanted to try out their light taupe colorway; however, it was sold out. So I defaulted to my highly trusted shade, black!


As you can see from the photos, this is a miniature version of the very popular Square Day Tote. While it has “Mini” in its style name, it still carries all you’d need for a day, due to its minimalist interior and open top. I’ve been able to fit quite a bit inside – a small 16oz water bottle, purchases from Walgreens or CVS, a bag of Hot Cheetos… 

Everlane Day Tote Mini on Shoulder
Wearing: Top (Everlane Silk Tank); Jeans (Portola via Stitch Fix); Wool Jacket (Only Child)


The leather of the Day Tote Mini is exactly like that of its larger siblings. It has a very lightweight, smooth leather that has held up surprisingly well over the past few weeks. I will say, I was initially a little surprised when I received it. I couldn’t help but immediately compare the leather to my Form bag, which has a very sturdy, thick leather and my old Petra Market Tote, which has a thick, luxurious leather.

Over time, it’s grown on me. The leather has maintained its shape pretty well despite my stuffing random knick knacks and sometimes heavy items in there. I’ll continue to update this post with any wear updates. Additionally, I like that they reinforced the strap attachment points, similar to that of the Form bag.

Everlane Form and Day Tote Mini


I love me a good crossbody mini bag, and this definitely fits the bill. Though I generally categorize totes in the “casual” bucket, I think the structured shape of this miniature version makes it easy to transition. I’ve been able to fit quite a few belongings in there – a small 16oz water bottle, purchases from Walgreens or CVS, a bag of Hot Cheetos… 

One thing I’m typically wary of with crossbody bags is the ability to wear them both on the shoulder and across the body. Some styles, especially bucket bags, are cute when worn on the shoulder, but too bulky / awkward when worn crossbody. The open top of this bag actually makes it feel natural to wear crossbody. As a bonus the top is “closed” or more secure when worn this way. I spend a significant amount of time on public transportation and walking around busy, touristy streets, so it’s reassuring to know I can wear it in a slightly less inviting manner.

Everlane Day Tote Mini Crossbody


Currently, the Everlane Day Tote Mini retails for $155. While this is certainly not cheap, it’s a reasonable price to pay for the style, functionality and quality of the piece. If Everlane ever releases this in bright colors, I’d be sorely tempted to get another!


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