Everlane Italian Leather Studio Bag Review

Everlane Studio Bag Review

Over the past year, Everlane has been whittling down its work-appropriate bag collection. Including the retirement of my favorite Form Bag (reviewed here) and the similar Italian Leather Studio Bag out-of-stock for many months. Once the latter came back in stock, I was curious to give it a try and compare it to both my Form bag and its recent upgrade, the Celine Seau Sangle.

The return of the Studio Bag has also come with a bit of a price hike – from $198 to $228. That being said, I still think this is a reasonable price given the quality and potential longevity as a workhorse bag.


The Studio Bag is both taller and deeper than the old Form Bag and easily fits a 13” Macbook Pro. There is a snap button closure on top, and I was able to snap it closed with the Macbook inside. Because of the spacious bottom, you can easily fit some pouches, a water bottle, and a light sweater inside.

I am 5’4” and this is likely the largest size I can comfortably wear without feeling like I’m carrying a Santa gift bag. Yes, I’m looking at you Rothy’s Bucket Bag.

Above: Everlane Studio Bag (left), Celine Seau Sangle (middle), Everlane Form Bag (right)


The leather feels slightly thinner than that of the Form bag, but still has great structure and shape. It almost feels like an in-between of the Form bag leather and the Day Tote leather which is quite thin. The strap and all the pockets are sturdily attached to the bag. Given the wear and tear (or lack thereof, really) on my other bag, I think the Studio bag will hold up even with daily use.


The thick leather strap makes this a comfortable carry. However, if there is one thing I could change about the bag, it would be to swap the leather strap for a fabric strap. The latter was one of my favorite features of the Form bag, since I typically carried quite a bit. My main items were 3lb laptop, a 1-2lb water bottle and a 1lb accessories pouch. Like the Form bag, this one also has a tapered top which makes it easy to fit under the arm if not filled up completely.

An important aspect of comfort is weight – which I feel like isn’t reviewed often. I weighed all three of the bags, and the Studio bag is nearly as light as the Form bag, which is pretty impressive given its size:

  • The Studio Bag: 1lb 9oz
  • The Form Bag: 1lb 4oz
  • Celine Seau Sangle: 2lb 2oz
What Fits in Everlane Studio Bag
Plenty of space for a 13″ Macbook Pro.


Overall, this is a very simple, modern work bag that echoes a similar style to Celine’s Seau Sangle. The only design aspect that I don’t love is the pleated exterior pocket. It’s just … wrinkly, which I suppose is functional. But I would much prefer a flat pocket. If you feel similarly, you can wear it with the pocket facing into your body since it’s only on one side.

Worn with the pocket facing in; cropped tee from Aritzia via Poshmark and shorts from Everlane (similar).


If I didn’t already upgrade my bag to the Celine Seau Sangle, I would have seriously considered the Studio Bag in black. It’s a very functional vertical tote that can be used as a daily workhorse without sacrificing on style and design.


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