Fitting Room Review: Everlane Puffy Puff, ReWool Overcoat, Sweaters and More

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Everlane SF Photo from Dezeen

Happy holidays! Squeezing in one last Everlane review collection before the new year. I am fortunate to live near a brick and mortar Everlane retail store, so I like to pop in and see items in person before purchasing. Last week, I stopped by to return a pair of jeans I ordered online (now I know: stick to my true size) and to pick up a backpack for our upcoming holiday travel. It was a great chance to try on their newer sweaters, along with a few other Re styles as well. Hope you enjoy this quick Everlane review from the fitting room!

What I tried on:

Oversized Alpaca Crew & Cheeky Bootcut Jeans

(Note, this was from an earlier store visit but figured I would lump it in here.) This was my first time trying an “oversized” fit sweater and I was confused about sizing, despite reading all the product reviews. I’m wearing the size small here, and ultimately purchased in a size x-small in Charcoal Twist. I love this sweater, and am glad I sized down – I wouldn’t call it a true oversized fit, but it definitely is looser than usual. I find the alpaca wool to be slightly more itchy than cashmere, but haven’t had an issue with it myself.

The Cheeky Bootcut jeans were a fun try-on for a skinny-jeans-only person like me. I’m not confident I can pull these off on a regular basis, though I was pleasantly surprised – I thought the cropped bootcut would make me look short, but it didn’t at all. I’m normally a size 26, and these fit true to size.

Everlane Alpaca Crew Sweater & Cheeky Bootcut
Alpaca Crew in Size Small; Cheeky Bootcut in Size 26

Italian ReWool Overcoat

(Worn here with a size small cashmere crew.) When this overcoat first came out, I was very intrigued given the colder temps of winter fast approaching. However, I’d never worn any Everlane outerwear before and wasn’t entirely sure on sizing, especially given the relaxed fit. I was impressed when trying this on in person – it’s a substantial coat with solid structure and a nice weight. 

I tried this on a Size 0 (all they had in store), which actually fit perfectly with a light sweater underneath. For reference, I’m typically a Size Small or Size 2 in Everlane tops. I could see myself sizing up in this if I planned to wear it with bulkier sweaters underneath. If I hadn’t already purchased camel coats from both Elizabeth Suzann and The Curated recently, I would highly consider this coat.

Teddy Wool Crew Sweater

I love this sweater. It’s the softest, non-itchy, coziest sweater I’ve ever tried on. The only downside is that it has drop seamed shoulders – which can be a tricky fit for those with broader shoulders. I tried this on in both size x-small and small, and found that the small fit better as the shoulder seam draped down more versus sticking out.

ReNew Fleece Raglan Sweatshirt

This was a fun one to try on – I’m not in the market for a fleece sweatshirt, but I was interested in comparing their fleece sweatshirts to the wool line that Outdoor Voices recently released. I found this true to size – they only had a size x-small so I tried that on and it was a slim, slightly cropped fit. I could see myself sizing up if I wanted a more relaxed fit, similar to that of Outdoor Voices. Overall comfortable, but not nearly as soft as the Teddy Sweater and not quite my usual style.

Everlane ReNew Fleece Raglan Sweatshirt
ReNew Fleece Raglan Sweatshirt in Size X-Small

Re:Down Puffy Puff

Another fun jacket to try on – I’m well aware that the temperate San Francisco weather does not call for a puffy puff, but this could be a great option for traveling to cold climates. It’s definitely warmer than my Uniqlo ultralight down jacket, and I could see myself wearing this in temperatures down to the high 20s or low 30s F.

I kept the Raglan Sweatshirt on and tried this over it in both a size x-small and small. I found that both fit well, and ultimately could wear either size depending on the style that I was going for. I’d most likely wear the x-small for a marginally more fitted (but still plenty roomy) look.

Micro Form Bag

This thing is adorable. I have zero need for a micro crossbody like this, but it was fun to try it on with its big sister, the Form Bag (reviewed here). The Micro Form is the cutest bag for just your essentials – phone, slim wallet and keys. The red one in particular is a fun little pop of color.

Everlane Micro Form vs Form Bag Sizing

And that’s it! Hope that was a helpful review – would love to hear if you’ve tried any of the following as well, and happy to answer any questions around fit.

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