function of beauty shampoo & conditioner review

function of beauty shampoo review

Customization has become the latest hot direct-to-consumer trend. Ranging from skincare brands like Curology to haircare brands like function of beauty and Prose. For haircare, I decided to give the former a try, though admittedly I was somewhat influenced by AmandaRachLee’s mention of them in one of her videos. 

The main difference between Function of Beauty and Prose lies in their branding and questionnaire process. From a brand perspective, Function of Beauty looks more tailored to the Glossier crowd with simple packaging and an array of colors, while Prose is targeted towards the Aesop crowd. Prose also asks more questions around age and lifestyle. I decided to give Function of Beauty a try first, given its slightly lower price point.

My custom formula was targeted towards the following:

  • Wavy, medium & oily hair
  • Anti-frizz
  • Oil control
  • Hydration
  • Thermal Protection

I opted for a 16oz bottle of shampoo and 8oz conditioner, along with a 3oz hair serum for heat protection. The shampoo & conditioner were $45, and the hair serum $25. I did some googling and found a 20% off promo code that I was able to apply, which brought my total down to $60 + tax.

What I Like:

  • Ingredients: By default, these are sulfate & paraben-free and cruelty free. There is the option for a silicone-free formula, if you so desire (I did not opt for this one).
  • Customization
    • Formula & Scent: Of course, the main value prop is the ability to customize the formula to the needs of your hair, along with the scent and color as well. It’s the combination of these customization options that make function of beauty compelling to me. With drugstore and even upscale brands, you have to stick with a certain prescribed scent per hair ‘challenge’. That’s not the case here, where I was able to get my preferred combo of a formula addressing wavy, frizzy, heat-treated hair with a nice natural eucalyptus scent.
    • Sizes: I always run out of shampoo before my conditioner. I like that there is the option for a mix-and-match sizing, so I ordered a 16oz shampoo and 8oz conditioner.
    • Add-Ons: I have been running low on my bottle of Moroccan Oil that I had been using for years. So I decided to add the Hair Serum to my order as well – and was pleasantly surprised to see that the fragrance was matched to my Shampoo and Condition. A nice touch! 
  • Price: While not cheap, the price point is not bad for a cruelty-free, customized formula. It’s pricier than the drugstore shampoo I’ve been using lately (typically ~$8 per bottle), but less expensive than my all-time favorite shampoo from Davines. As much as I love the latter’s shampoo & conditioner, I can’t justify the $30 price tag for an 8oz bottle! 

What Could Be Better:

  • So far, I haven’t necessarily seen any changes in my hair texture or its health. I am not expecting immediate results, so I may update this over time. But at the very least, my hair feels great overall.
  • On that note, I almost wish there was an option to sample a few smaller sizes – like 3 x 3oz – of different formulas to get a sense of what might work best. There’s almost too much customization, which makes me think “What if?” about some of the other combos.
  • I think it would be nice to order a larger volume of product in sustainable packaging, once you do find your perfect formula. Nothing too crazy, but maybe 32oz every 6 months vs. having 16oz shipped every 3 months. Save on some packaging and also shipping impact.

Overall, I like the formula I chose, and plan to stay subscribed. I believe I chose the 3 month option, but may adjust on my actual usage. As always, I will continue to update this review as time goes on. 


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