REVIEW: Girlfriend Collective Leggings & Sports Bra (Updated 2020)

Girlfriend Collective Leggings Review

It’s been a while since I last purchased workout clothing, most recently from Outdoor Voices (review here). Which all in all, is a good sign. However, I was in need of replacing an old pair of leggings, so as I researched sustainable activewear I stumbled upon Girlfriend Collective.

They’re not a new brand by any means, though this was my first time hearing about them. Girlfriend Collective leggings and sports bras are basic in style, but come in over 20(!) colors and a wide range of sizes at a reasonable price point. Their leggings start at $68 and their bras at $38. I decided to give them a try after reading some positive Instagram comments about their leggings.

Unlike Outdoor Voices, Girlfriend Collective does not have brick and mortar stores, though a handful of local retailers carry them – full list here. So I decided to order a few styles to give them a try before deciding on a piece to keep. I tried the following:

Compressive High Rise Legging

These feel similar to my Lululemon Luxtreme leggings, but with a lot more compression. I ordered these in a Small, and they fit perfectly once on, though I did have to tug them up a bit. For reference, I wear a Small in Outdoor Voices leggings and a size 4 in Lululemon. The compressive leggings have an interesting texture – almost papery to an extent – though they still feel sturdy. These pass both the “bend” test and the sweat test. I wore them to a high intensity spin class and they felt comfortable throughout. 

2020 Update: I’ve now worn these leggings for the past year (and in fact, added a 2nd pair) and they have held up swimmingly through indoor spin sessions and bootcamps. They’ve softened in texture over time, but retain their compressive hold!

Paloma Bra

Made of the same material as the Compressive High-Rise Leggings, these certainly suck you in and keep everything in place. I tried on an XS which was actually a bit too tight for me, and I typically wear an XS or S in Outdoor Voices tops and size 4 in Lululemon bras. I have a relatively short torso even for my height (5’4”), and found that this bra was more of a top ending about 1” above the waist of my high rise leggings.

They have a “cropped” version that is 1” shorter – unfortunately, it was sold out when I ordered but could be a good option for those with shorter torsos or looking for more of a cropped fit. While I loved the material and the cut of this bra, the one thing I wasn’t a fan of (which is why I’m returning) is the lack of bra pads or the ability to insert your own.

Seamless LITE High-Rise Legging

These are made of a different material that is softer and stretchier than their compression pieces. Their LITE leggings reminds me of Lululemon Align leggings – they’re not nearly as soft on the exterior, but the interior feels very similar. Like the Compressive leggings, these also have an 11” rise and come in multiple lengths (but fewer colors). I tried these in a size Small, which fit similarly to my size 4 Lululemon Aligns. However, because they’re so similar, I opted to return these and keep the Compressive ones instead.

2020 Update: FLOAT Juliet Bralette

Earlier this year, Girlfriend launched their new FLOAT collection of extra soft, seamless pieces. The FLOAT material feels very similar to the previous LITE collection and Lululemon’s Align fabric.

I purchased the Juliet Bralette in Fig several months back, and it has become one of my go-to sports bras for low-impact activity. The cut of this bra is very traditional and reminds me of Lululemon’s Flow Y bra (shown side by side above). It works great for activities like pilates and indoor spin, but I wouldn’t recommend it for high-impact workouts. Note, if you buy a lighter color (like Fig), sweat will show through. This doesn’t bother me right now however, since I’m working out alone at home.


Overall, if you are looking for sustainable, classic activewear at a reasonable price, I would recommend Girlfriend Collective. Their styles are fairly simple and should last in both quality and style for several years. And once they do wear out, Girlfriend Collective has a recycling program where you can send in your worn GC clothing to be recycled into new ones.

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