Leggings Showdown: Lululemon, Girlfriend, Everlane & Outdoor Voices

Everlane vs Lululemon vs Girlfriend Leggings

Above: Left to Right, Everlane Perform leggings (c/o), Girlfriend Collective leggings, Outdoor Voices leggings, Lululemon Align leggings

I’ve reviewed a few different DTC activewear brands here – including Outdoor Voices, Girlfriend Leggings and Everlane’s Perform line. Now that I’ve worn leggings from each of these brands for over a year (and some, 2+ years), I figured it was due time for a comparison.

You can find my original reviews here:

I’ll also be contrasting all of these to Lululemon leggings I own – some of which I’ve worn for five plus years. Generally, there are three categories on which I evaluate workout leggings:

  • Comfort / Fit
  • Price
  • Durability

Based on price alone, Everlane’s Perform line and Girlfriend come out on top in the $60 range compared to Lululemon’s $90+ price point. However, I’ll be looking at a combination of the different factors.

The Winners

Amongst the more comfortable, loungey options — even with the price premium, my Lululemon Align leggings reign supreme. They have the perfect balance of stretch, a cozy texture, while working for most mild temperatures. Because they are so soft, I don’t wear them for workouts unless it is low-impact like yoga or pilates.

For high-impact workouts, the Girlfriend compressive leggings have really been a nice surprise. They have a great balance of strong holding power, durability, a great price point and sustainability points. Originally, I was worried about quality – but I needn’t have worried at all. If I didn’t already have so many leggings, I would stock up on more of these.

And as a runner up, the Everlane Perform leggings are still a solid option. They also dry very quickly, which is great for warmer climates, hot yoga, or trips where you’ll need to do laundry. Note: the lighter colors may show sweat stains, but the darker ones should be okay.

The Rest

I love the designs on my Outdoor Voices Warmup leggings and they hold up well to outdoor hikes. However, I don’t find them nearly as comfortable for indoor workouts like spin or cardio, which is why I would choose my Girlfriend leggings if I really had to choose one.

As for Lululemon, I likely won’t buy any future leggings from them aside from replacing my Align leggings should that day come. While they paved the way for flattering activewear in the early 2000’s, there are now many great alternatives with a lighter price tag and better materials.

And finally – what about Athleta? I’ve owned three pairs of leggings from them in the past and have mixed results with wear and tear. So while some of their patterns are lovely, I don’t wear them as frequently as I do the others. I went back and forth on including them in the chart, but ultimately decided not to for this reason.

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