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With the everything going on in the world, like many, I haven’t been at all interested in shopping these past several months. You could probably tell from my flurry of sewing-related posts :) However, I find my mind occasionally drifting nowadays…

In the hardest of times, it is important to still dream.

Daniel Lee (Bottega Veneta) for Vogue

We have somehow, officially entered fall in the blink of an eye. Autumn is my favorite season, albeit with some lingering anxiety of California fire season. When it comes to buying clothing, I usually hold off in anticipation of this time of year for excellent deals and sales. But I’ve also always enjoyed hunting for alternate, more affordable (but good quality) options of luxury classics and It Bags.

I use the term ‘dupe’ lightly and in jest here – as many of these ‘dupe’ brands have unique designs and styles in their own right. Of course, there are certainly direct replicas on the cheap on Amazon and Taobao, but those aren’t the focus here. I hope you find this list helpful and fun, at the very least!

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Edited March 15, 2021 to add a few more :)

Chloe Mini Marcie

Chloe’s Marcie line has had quite the staying power since 2010, when it was introduced by designer Hannah MacGibbon. For half the price, DeMellier offers a pretty close representation! And it looks like they’re running a 10% off promotion if you sign up for their newsletter on their site.

Chloe Mini Faye

The Polene Numero Sept Mini has a lot of the same design features as the Mini Faye – a circular ring hardware for the clasp, thin chain shoulder strap, “envelope” flap structure. And as a plus (aside from the price), the Numero Sept Mini is much roomier. I reviewed it here in more depth, and you can see I was able to fit my daily essentials.

Céline Trio Bag

The Lo & Sons Pearl has a lot of the properties I like about the Trio – multiple zipped compartments, low profile, and simple design. I have the Pearl in a saffiano leather (reviewed here), but it also comes in nappa which looks more visually similar. Of course, their nappa leather will not be as soft as the Céline lambskin, but it also makes it more durable and great for traveling (someday, 2021 fingers crossed).

Céline Belt Bag

Ok, this one’s a bit of a stretch. However, I’d say the Polène Numero Un bag has a lot of Phoebe Philo-era Céline esque design attributes, with the Belt Bag being the somewhat closest match here. The Numero Un was the first Polène bag I bought, which I’ve reviewed here

Céline Box Bag

I’ve reviewed the Vancouver Bag in more detail here – so far I’ve been impressed with it, and love that I could get a classic style at a fraction of the price of the Box Bag (or even the Constance, woo). 

Céline Seau Sangle

Céline’s jewel-toned bag colors are deeply beautiful this season. Alas, the price tag not as much. If you don’t want to splurge on the Seau Sangle, the Everlane Form Bag (reviewed here) is a close second. And, if you’re not married to having a leather bag, the newest Rothy’s Bucket Bag may do the trick (need a Rothy’s referral code? Head over here).

Céline Cabas Tote

While the Cuyana version is larger than both the small & medium Cabas totes, it can also fit up to a 16” laptop which is nice as a work bag. I haven’t been able to find anything that comes close to the unique Phantom silhouette, though this Cuyana tote works if you are looking for a clean tall tote design.

Celine 16 Bucket Bag

Celine Triomphe Canvas Monogram Style

Personally, I am thankful that canvas monogram is back on trend – I love wearing my 15+ year old LV pochette as of late, and am glad it is getting more use. Coach’s Horse and Carriage monogram is a nicely subtle take compared to the ubiquitous C monogram that flooded the 90s and 00s.

Céline Luggage Tote

And we finally wrap up this Phoebe Philo appreciate post with the famous (or infamous?) Luggage Tote. It is interesting to see the trend of shrinking bag sizes, with the nano version as the most popular. The Handbag (reviewed here) and its mini variant from Rothy’s is a sustainable alternative with a very similar overall shape.

Saint Laurent Shopper Tote

If vertical totes aren’t your thing, here are two great alternatives for a classic, structured tote. While the Mansur Gavriel variant is most similar to the Saint Laurent style in both design and feel, the Cuyana tote comes pretty close as well. 

Bottega Veneta Pouch

What can I say – the influencers have swayed me. Originally, I was perplexed as to why anyone would want to own a dumpling shaped bag. Over time, I realize there’s something comforting about carrying a smooshy, soft bag. The original BV Pouch also comes in a classic woven and a cool embossed version – but neither are as soft as the smooth lambskin one.

If you, like me, are not ready (or willing) to pay the BV tax for what will most likely be a trendy bag – the Mansur Gavriel Cloud is a close alternative. I purchased the regular sized Cloud, and will be reviewing it in more detail soon.

Bottega Veneta Twist

Following the cozy, smooshy trend – this is a fun, casual bag. The DeMellier alternative is definitely smaller, at a 7” width compared to BV’s 11” width. However, I think the smaller size makes it more wearable, especially with the adjustable / removable crossbody strap. 

Loewe Flamenco Bag 

Different designer, same trend. The Mansur Gavriel Protea is a pretty darn close option for the Loewe Flamenco. The drawstring “tails” on the Protea remind me of the Céline Belt Bag, which actually gives it a slight edge over the Loewe. I was debating between purchasing this or the Mansur Gavriel Cloud Pouch, and chose the latter – though I may revisit this later this year.

Canvas / Straw Bag with Leather Trim Trend

It was hard to categorize this with one brand – Celine had their own version in 2018 with their Made In Tote ($1,500), and Loewe has a similar (but smaller) shape with its Basket Bag ($490). And these are just two of many!

I really like the 7 Women 7 Causes tote (pictured) by DeMellier, which retails for $245. This tote is part of a collaboration with DeMellier’s founder and six other inspirational women, with proceeds from each style going to a different charity. For an all leather version, Mansur Gavriel’s Tulipino tote has a similar shape with soft lambskin leather for $695.

And that’s a wrap!

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