Luxe Inspired “Dupes”: The Row, Celine & More

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 08:54 am

It’s been almost a year since my last luxe inspired post here, figured it was time for a 2024 edition. This list features classics like Celine and Loewe, along with the brand of the year, The Row.

Note: I use the term “dupes” somewhat in jest – these are not 1:1 dupes (which you can likely find on Amazon, with potentially questionable origins) but rather bags from contemporary brands that match the overall vibe of its luxury counterpart.

The Row Park Tote, $1390 – $2390

Ah, the brand du jour – minimalist with high quality leather. Elaine has a very extensive review of all the Park tote variations here, absolutely worth a read!

At first glance, the Park tote seems like your basic tall tote – but actually has several unique details: single thin strap from the outermost edges, a lush suede interior, and tie closure top for security.

In design, JCrew’s Berkeley Bucket is very close at almost 10% of the price, or $198, and is closest to the medium size Park tote. Unfortunately, it has limited all-leather colors, offering only dark brown at the moment.

For more colors and a similar-ish silhouette, Cuyana’s Tall Easy Tote at $268 is a classic, and you can get it with or without a full zipper top. And – hear me out on this one – Cuyana’s Leather Backpack at $478 kind of has similar qualities, if you squint a little. Yes, it’s primarily a backpack first and foremost, but it has the extra shoulder strap that connects from the far ends (vs. towards the center, like a regular tote), so it can be carried in a similar way. It’s not nearly as minimalist, with the exterior pockets and flap top, but it has a similar-ish vibe if you’d prefer a multi-functional piece.

Lastly, Mansur Gavriel’s Cabas at $695 also comes in several colors, though at a slightly higher price tag. It can fit up to a 14” laptop, and is currently 25% off with code SPRING.

The Row Margaux $4000+

The so-called Birkin challenger with a hefty price tag ranging from $4,000 for its smaller size, the Margaux 10, to $5,500+ for the Margaux 17.

Funnily enough, Prada has a nearly identical bag at $5,100… not really a steal in this case :) Miu Miu’s Aventure bag also has similar characteristics at $3,950, just slightly cheaper but again, not necessarily a deal.

Enter the Monorow Blanc Bag from $194 to $250 from an independent Korean brand and made from recycled leather. The Blanc bag comes in two sizes – the smaller medium is similar to Margaux 12, and regular size is similar to Margaux 15. While it doesn’t have the side buckles, the overall shape is very very close!

Celine Heloise Hobo Bag $3450

I wasn’t into the hobo trend until seeing this bag on BLACKPINK’s Lisa here – it’s such a low-key and effortless bag, with plenty of room for essentials and more. What’s unique about this particular bag: minimal stitching & hardware, rounded shape (vs. square), one single strap handle, and a zipper top for security.

This vintage Coach 9025 Ergo comes close, at a $300-$400 price point depending on condition. Love the dark brown color, but the yellow looks nice for spring and summer. The one shown above is from MS Japan7 on eBay.

Mansur Gavriel’s Candy Hobo is a bit pricier at $695, but they run lots of sales throughout the year – it’s currently 25% off with code SPRING. It’s the squared variety, but looks softer / slouchier and still has the single strap like the Celine one.

Lastly, the Bruno Magli Celeste Hobo is on sale between $250-$300 and has a similar silhouette, just missing the fully zipped top.

YSL 5 a 7 Shoulder Hobo Bag $2400

I don’t normally go for YSL, but I do really like the structure of the 5 a 7 shoulder bag. DeMellier’s Tokyo Bag at $465 is the closest match I’ve seen. And potentially an even better option than the original, for those who don’t like visible logos.

If you want slightly more bling, Coach Outlet’s Eliza Shoulder Bag is a great deal at $199. I first saw this bag on TikTok, and couldn’t find it anywhere on Coach’s website – before pleasantly realizing that it is an Outlet piece.

Loewe Mini Hammock Bag $1700

Confusingly, Loewe has two very different bag styles with “Hammock” in their name – for this post, we’ll be focused on the simpler “Mini Hammock” version with its distinct reverse trapezoid shape.

Oroton’s Small Fable Bag at $549 has a very similar shape, with a few elements that overlap with Loewe’s well-known Puzzle bag. It has a flap top instead of a zipper closure, and comes with three different straps for the ultimate versatility: a long shoulder strap, shorter leather handle (very similar to the Puzzle) and a gold chain strap for dressier moments.

Songmont’s Hobo Bag at $330 from their more luxurious Icon line has a similar silhouette with a thicker crossbody strap. I’ve been pleased with their quality to price ratio in the past!

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