LV Empreinte Multi-Pochette Accessoires Review

Louis Vuitton Empreinte Multi Pochette Review

If you recall, I have recently been getting a ton of use out of my 15+ year old LV pochette accessoires, thanks to some additional inexpensive bag straps. Last year, we saw the rise of the multi-pouch trend with the LV Multi-Pochette Accessoires (or MPA for short) and Prada’s 2005 Re-edition, with both styles consistently sold out despite their high price tags.

Louis Vuitton has been riding the success of the MPA style with multiple iterations – see exhibit one, two, three. Which are all very cute, but the one that really caught my attention was the Empreinte version of the original style, particularly in the cream colorway. While not inexpensive by any means, I also think it is a better value given that all components have leather and it costs ‘only’ 10% more than the canvas version.

I’ve been carefully using this bag for a few weeks now, and hope you find this review helpful!


LV has nailed the form and design of this bag, especially with the two straps. The adjustable leather shoulder strap dresses up this variation more than the canvas & nylon strap original. Additionally, the second strap is simply beautiful, with leather woven throughout the gold chain. 

Personally, I also like the monochromatic cream (and black) because the empreinte LV logos are fairly subtle despite their size. The cream is a lovely ivory with blush undertones, which is hard to fully capture in photos and really isn’t reflected in the official LV photos.

Above: Stored on a bag display stand from here.


I can already fit my essentials in my single pochette accessoires, and find that I can do the same here. Because this bag is made of leather, it fits just slightly less – but still has plenty of room especially with the second mini pochette. I can easily carry my wallet, house keys, car keys, hand sanitizer, phone, tissues and mask.

The different components are easily mix-and-match-able for different occasions. My most common combinations are:

  • Wearing everything together when running errands, gathering with friends, visiting museums etc.
  • Pairing the mini pochette with the chain strap for more formal or dressy events
  • Pairing the regular pochette with the crossbody strap for a casual, lightweight, hands-free option

I’ve been able to wear this quite frequently, and plan to do so more as summer outings pick up. My only concern of course is caring for the color. I gave this bag a solid spray with Collonil Carbon Pro and even used a q-tip to apply it to the strips of leather in the leather & chain strap. I’m most worried about the straps showing wear since I will be handling them with my hands in warm (read: sweaty) weather.


Overall, I really love this bag and have enjoyed using it these first few weeks of summer. According to my closet tracker (more on that here!), this was my most-worn item during June. And it will likely continue to be so these next few months!

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