ManiMe Gel Nail Stickers Review

ManiMe Nail Gel Stickers Review

After seeing ads on Instagram a dozen times, I finally caved and decided to give their nail stickers a go. I don’t frequently do my nails, but was intrigued by their fun patterns as I’ve often admired nail art on others. 


ManiMe sets start at $15 for solid colors and go up to $25 for patterns. I decided to try one of their bundles, which includes 2 sets and a bottle of topcoat for a discounted price of $37. I opted for the chelseaqueen bundle with a fun plant motif and beach design. Though the neutral cassmariebeauty bundle was a close runner up.


Each order is made to custom fit your own nails. They have a pretty interesting process where you take a few photos of your nails / fingers against a standard sized credit card. These photos are then used to create your custom nails within just a few days.

How easy is it to apply? Again, I am not a nails person – I have no experience with applying acrylics or the like. So it did take me a bit of time to apply mine, about 45 minutes for both hands. This didn’t bother me though, as it was the perfect activity to do while watching a lightweight TV show.

There were a few instances where I would start placing a sticker out of alignment, and it was easy enough to peel and re-stick as needed. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing this too many times as it may reduce the stickiness. If you do mess any of them up, each set does come with 5 extra nail stickers which is nice to have as back-up.

My nails are relatively short, so I initially cut off the excess sticker with nail clippers before filing down. After a few nails, I jumped straight to filing and found that I actually didn’t need to trim with clippers beforehand.


Overall, almost all the nails fit perfectly which honestly surprised me. With the exception of one – the sticker for my right index finger was a bit too large for the start of the nailbed. I didn’t trim it (I should have), and found things like my hair getting caught in the slight sticker excess at the base. 

ManiMe Initial Application
Above: Day 1, right after initial application


The million dollar question – how long did these last? The website claims that these can be worn for up to 10 days. I think that’s possible if you avoid things like wearing sweaters, housework, and/or washing your hair frequently. 

Mine lasted for 7 days before a few started looking a bit raggedy (see photo). By Day 4, both of my index finger nails started to lift slightly at the tips of my nails. By Day 7, my right middle nail was also starting to lift. However, my thumb, ring and pinky nails were holding up just fine!

ManiMe 1 Week Later
Above: One week later, a little raggedy on my index finger
ManiMe 1 Week After - Closeup
Above: 1 week later, a different view. Nailbeds look ok!


After the week, I decided to take them off – which was a super simple process. You simply peel them off like a sticker. All in all, it took me maybe 5 minutes to remove all of them. And the best part is that my nails felt normal and healthy underneath. I’ve done gel manicures a few times in the past, and always hated how brittle and dry my nails felt after removal. This is not the case here, which I think is a significant plus.


Overall, I was pleased and would try ManiMe again! Personally, I don’t think the solid colors are worth it, as I’d rather (and am able to) paint my nails myself. The patterned ones are great, though. I most likely will use these for one-off special occasions or events, and am perfectly happy with them lasting a week and not the claimed 10 days.

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