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David Beckham hands over Instagram account to Ukrainian doctor” With all the tragedy this past month (how has it already been a month?) in Ukraine, it’s great to see a celebrity using their far-reaching platform for good. I’d love to see more of this! If you are looking for ways to continue helping, we’ve found Nova Ukraine to be a great resource.

The S.E.C. moves closer to enacting a sweeping climate disclosure rule” Fingers crossed – this is huge. If this passes, all public companies would need to disclose their environmental impact to shareholders on a regular basis.

‘OK Doomer’ and the Climate Advocates Who Say It’s Not Too Late” This was a refreshing read – it’s easy to get caught up in doom-scrolling, especially around climate change. I liked this quote at the end:

“Underneath doomerism and hopeium is the question of ‘Are we going to win?’” Ms. Heglar said. “That’s premature at this point. We need to ask ourselves if we’re going to try. We don’t know ’til we try if we’re going to win. Whether or not we do, it will still have been worth it.”


Tech bros bought Knitting.com and it didn’t go well” In between doom-scrolling, I found the Knitting.com drama to be particularly entertaining. I may work in tech, but I love a good tech-bro-takedown as much as anyone else. I’m subscribed to the r/craftsnark sub on Reddit, and had a good laugh when surfaced in this thread. Don’t mess with crafters!

Shared from Kat over at Feather Factor, “Inside the Succession Drama at Scholastic“. I have very fond memories of their book fairs at school – an interesting juxtaposition between those and this real-life Succession storyline.

Style Stuff

I haven’t been keeping up with fashion as much as I normally do, but I recently started following these two accounts that keep me fresh:

@watchingnewyork I’m late to the game on this one, but I love a good street style account. I’ve been following KarenBritChick’s “What Everyone is Wearing in New York” YouTube videos, and never thought to follow similar accounts on Instagram.

@never_ending_couture_tricot Sewist who makes really unique silhouettes with classic fabrics. I don’t think I could pull any of these off, but I love seeing the mix of textures and colors she incorporates.


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