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Quiz Lady (trailer) on Hulu – I saw a bunch of TikTok ads for this movie but completely forgot to watch it until this past weekend. And what a funny, entertaining, and heartfelt ride! Loved seeing Awkwafina and Sandra Oh playing different roles than their usual, and their sibling chemistry was great. Highly, highly recommend, especially if you’re in the mood for a pick-me-up film.

Side note: Was pleasantly surprised to see Awkwafina’s character carry the Lo & Sons Pearl crossbody and Seville tote. Yay for a small brand cameo!

Three Body Problem on Netflix – Several years ago, I purchased the book set for a book club at work – and never even finished the first book. 🙈 Though I really wanted to! So far, I’m two episodes in and enjoying the adaptation. I may give the books another try (after I finish ACOTAR, heh).

Dune – For the Dune fans out there; btw, we saw Dune 2 in San Francisco’s IMAX and it was well worth the 3 week wait. @withwendy recreates and sews together three of Zendaya’s red carpet looks in her latest YouTube video. It’s amazing!


As a hybrid employee, I have a hefty commute into the office two days a week. I inhale podcasts to help the drive go by more quickly, and recently started listening to Corporate Gossip. It’s like NPR’s Planet Money meets Normal Gossip, spilling the tea on not so scrupulous corporate moguls.

If you have any podcast recs, drop them in the comments – I can always use more!


Until recently, I’d mainly been using Substack to follow tech industry and career development writers. I wanted to branch out to additional topics, including retail and fashion – and stumbled onto Amy Odell’s Back Row. She has a fun retail confessions series (the latest is from a Tiffany’s employee) and I’ve loved seeing the poll results at her 2024 Shoe Trends post. For what it’s worth, I’m team nay on ballet sneakers what in the-


& Other Stories I was in NYC a few weeks ago, and had a chance to stop by & Other Stories in SoHo. Several of their spring / summer pieces have a Zimmermann vibe with bright pastel colors and romantic silhouettes. My favorites include: this floral puff sleeve corset top, lavender applique midi skirt, floral frill maxi dress, bubble midi dress, and ruffle mini dress.

Of course, the only item I purchased was this cream colored sculptural corset top. It’s a really unique style and I felt the price was fair given the detailed construction and silk/cotton blend material.

Quince Some recent basics from Quince, including this cotton lightweight ribbed sweater, leather blazer, and leather glove ballet flats. The ballet flats are a great dupe for Everlane’s Day Glove Flats at a third of the price. I just wish they came in half sizes. As a narrow 7.5, I was able to size down to a 7.

Abercrombie How strange it feels to shop at a brand ubiquitous during my high school years for its preppiness and non-existent rise on jeans. I’ve had my Everlane pair for years, but unfortunately they don’t fit quite right anymore. After trying on a dozen shorts from multiple brands, sustainable and not, I crown Abercrombie’s 90’s cutoff shorts the winner of this challenge.

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