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I’ve been quiet around here for the past few weeks. Processing my own thoughts and feelings around the spate of Asian hate crimes (and sadly, deaths) happening across the country. And now the killing of Daunte Wright, another tragic casualty of systemic racism. Link for more information and ways to help.

It has been almost a year since the events that are very publicly broadcasted in the Derek Chauvin trial for George Floyd’s death. I don’t really know what to say except that I’m starting to I feel exhausted – and can only imagine what others are feeling. However, I have hope, as well. In these past few weeks, I’ve talked to many who have listened, have learned, and truly want to be allies. Again, this road is not easy, but it must start somewhere.

Where I’ve spent my time lately

Kat from Feather Factor shared a great list of books by Asian American authors. I hope to read at least two or three books on this list in the next few months. I’ve been devouring books as of late, including Hood Feminism and Obama’s The Promised Land, and have The Undocumented Americans in my library queue.

Amanda Rach Lee’s April 2021 Plan With Me bullet journaling video. Even if you are not into bullet journaling, I recommend giving her video a watch. She talks about her experience as a 3rd-generation Chinese Canadian, and the complicated relationship she’s had with her own cultural identity growing up. I resonated with a lot of her feelings and experiences, and appreciate that she’s speaking up as an influencer in a space that has directly benefited from Asian (especially Japanese) culture.

Catching up on movie viewings, especially ahead of the most diverse Oscars season yet. While a part of me is slightly concerned that this a temporary COVID / BLM / #StopAsianHate blip, I’m also excited to see so much representation. So far we have watched Minari, Nomadland, and One Night in Miami, all of which I highly recommend.

And while this series won’t win any awards, we also thoroughly enjoyed Anna Kendrick’s Love Life on HBO Max. Admittedly, the first few episodes made us feel a bit… old. But the lessons and heartbreaks – both romantic and platonic – she goes through from her 20s to 30s are relatable. And it’s a breath of fresh air to see the diversity in romantic leads and characters on the show.

With that – I’ll be back to semi-regular programming soon. Please take care of yourself, and stay safe, stay healthy.


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