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Above: Photo by Avery Evans via Unsplash, featuring my absolute favorite kitchen item: the Fellow Stagg Kettle.

Happy Quilt-mas!

Broadcloth Studio & Art Gallery Fabrics (AGF) teamed up for Quiltmas, 12 days of free holiday quilt block patterns from several designers. I’ve been quilting a lot with the colder weather, and love AGF’s prints – esp. for Halloween and their Christmas. They are hosting a giveaway as part of this celebration, which you can enter here (and you can see all the patterns there as well).

Etsy Was a Twee Culture Punchline. Now It’s a Wall Street Darling.” (NYTimes)

Love to see the sharp turnaround from Etsy on the market – but at what cost? Like some of the commenters, I’ve spent a lot of time on Etsy this year. While I’ve had great experiences purchasing from small businesses / individuals, I’ve also noticed a proliferation of mass produced items that felt very “Amazon”-y.

The Luxury E-Commerce Wars Heat Up” (NYTimes)

Five years on and the coronavirus pandemic has revealed just how important e-commerce is to the future of luxury goods. Unlike the music industry, which has Spotify, or the hotel business, which has, the luxury fashion industry is still without a single dominant online player.

How times have changed, with Spotify & Booking now the mainstream point of reference for music & travel. It will be interesting to see if the luxury brands are able to align and work together. I don’t see Amazon being an immediate threat in that space until they are able to get their counterfeit challenges under control. Though, that could very well be sooner than later.

It’s Time to Stop Looking to Brands to Save Us (Fashionista)

For example, despite Reformation’s very public shortcomings, Prescod and her 2 Black Girls co-founder Chrissy Rutherford still agreed to appear on the brand’s blog this summer. “Racism is a temporary destination, it’s not the final thing,” she says. “You could grow out of it, but you have to work at that.” The point, she continues, is to remember that a brand is a brand — nothing more, nothing less. To expect it to sell you a dress with a side of fixing racism or ending climate change is to misunderstand the very nature of what the company exists to do.

A timely article and retrospective, given the year we’ve had. Personally, I am still finding the right balance between my expectations of brands (I’ve been spoiled by Patagonia), but also my efforts to push for larger societal / institutional changes. Ultimately, the onus shouldn’t have to lie solely with business owners and customers, particularly when it comes to sustainability.

Speaking of companies and their values (or perhaps lack thereof)… likely this week, Wish plans to IPO and raise more than $1bn with a $16bn+ market cap. There’s been no shortage of S-1s to read through as of late, including theirs here. It’s crazy that they have managed to both increase the lifetime-value of their users year over year, and retain and grow enough customer spend to offset attrition (with so many stories like this) (ref. page 91). While I understand the value of affordable shopping, the majority of their business is impulse shopping. “Over 70% of the sales on our platform do not involve a search query and instead come from personalized browsing.” (page 6) 😬


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