Monday Musings

An Oral History of the World’s Biggest Coupon” (NYTimes)

A retrospective on the ubiquitous Bed Bath & Beyond coupon mailers, from its specific Pantone shade of blue to how it evolved into representing the brand itself. Side note: of course, I have at least 5 sitting in a kitchen drawer!

“If people know they never expire, they keep them. Think about the branding. People come in with five coupons, but they kept them six months. They’ve seen them every day in their purse. That is a huge branding thing.”

“I need to buy a blender, so I’m going to take a coupon to buy a blender. But where Bed Bath historically was extraordinarily successful was with their merchandising. While I’m at the store buying my blender, I would buy stuff that I didn’t even know existed. That was the secret sauce of the company.”

Read the full article here.

Poshmark Files for IPO

The holiday IPO rush is not yet over – last week, Poshmark filed to go public. This is an interesting one to me, as a proponent of the pre-loved market (or “recommerce”, the latest buzzword) and a casual Poshmark buyer & seller.

Their numbers look promising, especially since they’ve turned a profit (!) in the latest quarter. It is interesting to see them heavily emphasize the social aspect of the platform, which can be a pro and a con for sellers like those in this recent Wired story.

More uniquely, Poshmark is offering a Direct Share Program for Poshmark Ambassadors, discussed in this Reddit thread. I think this is actually a really nice gesture, though I wonder how many will participate?

Bullet Journaling

Speaking of recommerce and generally improving my usage / re-usage of things I own – I have an old Baron Fig notebook from their 2013 Kickstarter that I’ve never used. So, I’ve decided to give bullet journaling (or BuJo for short) a go!

We’re taking the week off between Christmas and New Years, though we don’t really have anything planned. We are also erring on the side of extreme caution and unfortunately won’t be seeing family IRL, only through Facetime. Which leaves us with the most free time we’ve ever had during the holidays. Ironically, in an effort to … best appreciate this time, I figured I’d try my hand at bullet journaling. We definitely have a lot of home / personal projects / books to read etc., so this seems like the perfect time for all that!

Additionally, I’ve found myself losing track of time / feeling like groundhog day a lot this year, and I think tactile, analog journaling will help me ground (and appreciate!) the time.

And on that note, this will likely be my last post before Christmas – hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday!


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