Monday Musings

Above: Currently on my IRL reading list – Dune, Harry Potter Knitting Magic, Vogue Knitting Quick Reference, Barack Obama A Promised Land, and (not pictured) American Royals.

Post-Holiday Sales Alerts


Up to 70% off sale items with code BIGSALE, including this Sophie sweater blazer (from $148 to $55!) that I have in camel & grey.

Everlane Goodbye 2020 Sale

Lots of basics and staples in this sale, including their Cashmere Crew (reviewed here), ReKnit Boss Boots (reviewed here), Court Sneakers (reviewed here), Perform Leggings (reviewed here), Easy Chino Pants (love the shorts version, reviewed here), High Rise Skinny Jean (I just got these in Bone, yes I wear white in winter!), Cheeky Bootcut Jean, Re:Down Puffy Puff, and Italian ReWool Overcoat (all three tried on here).


I know I mention this a lot – but heattech is life. I wear my heattech undershirts almost every day with sweaters to make them last longer between washings. If you are in a colder climate, they have ultra-warm versions as well.

Amour Vert

Local SF favorite, their end of season sale is live. While most items are on the slightly dressier side, they have WFH-friendly options like this lightly puffed cable-ish sweater. I purchased one of their wool sweaters last year secondhand (sadly, XS was too small so I re-homed it), and was amazed by how soft the wool is. Hoping it’s the same with this sweater, I purchased one in Small. Of course, their printed silk is unmatched – I’m hoping to sew something similar to the Blaze Midi Skirt next year.

Reading Lately

Lots of 2020 recaps of brands and industries that flourished on social media and in revenue this year. Unsurprisingly, loungewear / underwear (“How Parade Underwear Took Over Instagram”) and direct-to-consumer kitchen brands are prominent. On the last point, I recognize the irony, as I have my own Always Pan review. The Parade underwear article is interesting regarding its reliance on microinfluencers and how it inadvertently created an air of exclusivity. Though unlike the title suggests, I had not heard of it until now!

Speaking of exclusivity, here’s a long read on “How Soulcycle lost its soul” (Vox). Exclusivity carried Soulcycle to its height of popularity in ~2015, but its post-acquisition expansion has led to its (continued) downfall. It’s interesting to compare to Peloton, which is the opposite to an extent – the $100/mo price tag is still not cheap. I took a Thanksgiving day live class with Robin (Peloton’s lead instructor) with over 50,000 other riders in attendance, which is pretty incredible. 

“Ski Resorts Brace for a Pandemic Season” (NYTimes). As season passholders, we’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to actually snowboard this year. It’s tough, as we’ve heard conflicting opinions from small businesses and locals who depend so heavily on ski tourism. Hopefully *fingers crossed* the latest relief bill will go through smoothly and provide some alleviation for this industry and others.

“Do You Want to Buy Less Stuff? Three People Tell Us How” (NYTimes). Something I’ve been thinking about recently – I’m not one to make new years resolutions, but I do want to continue the work of getting more use out of what I already have. I know, also ironic given that I’ve linked a bunch of sales above. Pre-2019 me would have jumped on so many of those – buying one item is comparatively restrained. 

Lastly, his will be my second-to-last post for the year. We are taking the week off work for some R&R at home, and I’m looking forward to reading some of the books I received for Christmas (hence the header image). I also have a fun read, American Royals, queued up on my Kindle, thanks to our local library. Hope you all have a healthy & happy new year!

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