Monday Musings

Above: Photo from Alex Hu via Unsplash. I wish our homemade dumplings looked as good as these do!

Happy holiday weekend Monday – hope you had a great Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day and/or Presidents Day!

Year of the Ox

Speaking of the new year – I very much enjoyed Emma Lovewell’s Lunar New Year ride on Peloton. Not only was it fun to jam to Asian & Asian American artists, but it was nice to hear about Emma’s family (she is half-Taiwanese) and representation. I loved her shout out to the Taiwan factory workers whose hard work make all of this possible. And with the recent attacks against Asians (especially local in the Bay Area), I appreciate Peloton’s public stance and donation to AAFederation.

It’s sad to start off the year on such a note, but invigorating to see the rise in awareness, empathy, and action. Given that it is the year of the strong-willed Metal Ox, I’m hopeful we can begin turning 2020 challenges around in 2021.

Reading (and Listening?) Lately

In January, I completely failed at reading. In my bullet journal habit tracker, the “reading” column was woefully blank. However, I’ve started to make it up and have finished two books that long lived on my to-read list:

  • Know My Name: Chanel Miller. A heartbreaking read, but incredibly powerful and poetic. And though the material itself was often difficult to read, I found myself unable to put it down. I’m glad Chanel Miller was able to reclaim her name, and hope that she can realize her dreams. I’d gladly buy any future books she writes, childrens or not.
  • Becoming: Michelle Obama. I started this book over a year ago after receiving it as a gift. However, my reading languished in 2020 as I found myself leaning towards other activities to stay busy. I decided to try Audible on a recent long drive, which was a game-changer. Michelle herself voices the audiobook, which makes it particularly impactful. I’m ashamed to admit I knew little about her life, career, and accomplishments prior to her as First Lady. But I’m glad I do now – and what an inspirational life it is.

I’m looking forward to reading A Promised Land next, which will be an interesting juxtaposition with Barack Obama’s perspective.

Hobby Drama

A few days ago, Kat shared a riveting article on the meltdown of Brooklyn ice cream darling Ample Hills. I’m a sucker for good “rise & fall” business articles with relevant lessons learned.

Speaking of which – my latest favorite subreddit is r/hobbydrama. It hosts well-written and researched briefs on drama in niche communities. Some of my recent favorites include this one on League of Legends, Scottish Bothying, and Vancouver Candle Co.

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