Monday Musings: January 6, 2021

Header image from Mike Stoll via Unplash.

What a start to 2021. This past week has been a rollercoaster, from high of Georgia’s senate election results (Stacey Abrams is a national treasure) to the terrorizing attack in our nation’s capital. Sad, embarrassing and chilling – and unfortunately, I cannot say I am surprised. 

There’s been much discussion around whether influencers should be using their platform and reach to address last’s week atrocities. I appreciate that Jean from Extra Petite shared her stance and thoughts on parenting during such polarizing times. Same with Elaine and Xin. And while I believe this is a pretty cut and dry event to condemn, I also agree that we should not be getting current events from social media and influencers. Reading the news directly is so, so important.

On the tech side, it is good to see companies like Twitter, Facebook, Apple and Amazon finally take action. Particularly the latter, which deals a critical blow to Parler, the pro-Trump social network app.

I don’t have any sage advice or eloquent closing words around the state of our democracy. The work must continue for us to fuse this chasm in our society, and it will take longer than just the next four years. Currently, I am still navigating (never stopped) how I can individually make the most impact. And I will be anxiously waiting for these next ten days to hopefully pass without further incident. 


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