Our Place Always Pan Review

Last updated on January 2nd, 2021 at 09:54 pm

Always Pan Review

If you like cooking or home decor, you have likely seen the Our Place Always Pan flash across your feed at some point. The Always Pan comes in an array of interior design friendly colors, along with standard neutrals. Our old non-stick skillet pan was on its last legs, so the timing was perfect for trying something new. If you are considering the Always Pan, I hope you find the following review useful.

Disclaimer: Items featured in this post were gifted in partnership with Our Place. As always, all opinions are my own, especially here as an amateur ‘cook’. This post may contain affiliate links, in which I earn a commission on purchases.



This is what initially drew my attention to the Always Pan – it is hard to resist the attractive ads featuring the Instagram-friendly hue of ‘Spice’. I really enjoy the spatula / spoon rest, along with the double handles for carrying heavier dishes. There is no doubt that this is A Beautiful Pan.

Non-Stick Functionality

Unlike our old pans, the Always Pan uses a non-stick ceramic coating instead of Teflon. But, like with Teflon pans, the Always Pan should never be used with metal utensils, which may scratch the coating. The pan is very easy to clean, and comes with a nice care instruction pamphlet and natural sponge that is non-stick safe. 

We performed the ubiquitous fried egg test, and found the ceramic coating was flawlessly non-stick. As usual, I will update this review after several months of usage and note whether this still holds true.

Steam Functionality

I was most curious about the Always Pan’s steamer capability. It’s touted on their website as a feature, but I was uncertain given how shallow the pan looks. We put it to the test with frozen dim sum from Palette, and were not disappointed!

Always Pan Dim Sum

For this test, we split our dim sum into two batches – one cooked with the Always Pan’s metal steamer only, and the other with an aid of a bamboo steamer that Palette provided. The Always Pan’s 2.75” depth allowed us to fit a bamboo steamer sans bamboo lid on top of the metal steamer rack. However, if we tried to use the bamboo lid as well, the pan was just a bit too short.

Overall, the default steamer worked surprisingly well! There was just enough depth so that water did not boil over the rack, but also did not boil away completely. I would say the upper time limit for steaming food in this pan is ~10 minutes, with the lid on. Normally, there is a little gap in the lid where the wooden spatula rests – if you are steaming, be sure to rotate the lid so this gap is covered.



Compared to something like a Calphalon non-stick pan (what I used to have), the Always Pan is definitely on the pricier side at $145 vs. ~$70. 

That being said, I do think the steamer functionality adds value, along with its overall design. I paid the so-called ‘design premium’ for the Fellow Stagg pour-over kettle, and am happy with that choice – I love using it every morning to brew coffee. 

Not Oven-Safe

This is common feedback I’ve heard from others – however, it does not bother me at all. I’ve never transferred a pan from stove to oven (or vice versa), we have a Staub dutch oven that we use for those recipes. 

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed using the Always Pan thus far. I’ll continue to update this review as time goes on to note any wear or tear!


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