Polene Numero Dix Review

Last updated on January 9th, 2024 at 10:52 pm

Polene Numero Dix Review

While Polene’s Numero Dix was launched earlier this year, there haven’t been a ton of reviews. When it first launched, I was drawn to the Black Monochrome colorway, but had no need for a black bag with spring & summer around the corner. Now that we are in fall, I decided it was time!


The Numero Dix runs in the middle of the pack for Polene pricing at $360. Given the construction, quality and design, I find this to be a great value like with my other Polene bags!

2024 Update: After two years of price increase, the Dix is now $580. This is a substantial jump from what I purchased it at – I believe this bag is a great value when under $500, and still an OK value at $580. Given how frequently I use my Dix, the $580 price tag would still be worth it to me. But it’s definitely stretching the limits of “affordable luxury”.


As mentioned in my Dior ‘dupes’ post – the Numero Dix very much reminds me of the Dior Saddle bag crossed with a Celine Ava, or a classic half moon baguette bag. I really like the strap details when worn on the shorter strap settings, as they remind me of the ‘whiskers’ from the Celine belt bag, a long-time favorite design.

When I first unboxed it, I was surprised at how small it was overall! It’s not a mini bag by any means, but it is about the same size as the main pouch of my multi-pochette. 

Polene Numero Dix - Size
Above: The classic Polene pose – for scale reference I am 5’4″. Wearing my Curated classic coat.


This bag is the opposite in this regard compared to the Onze and Un Mini, which fit quite a bit. Due to the structured and unique shape of the Dix, it actually does not fit very much. It’s unlikely that the upper ‘smile corners’ of the bag can be filled, so only ~65% of the interior is usable. While I can still fit my essentials (below), I can actually fit more in my Onze (reviewed here).

Polene Numero Dix - What Fits

Fit & Functionality

I love having options with bags. Whether it’s the ability to lengthen the strap like on the Numero Onze, or to swap straps completely, the case here. The Numero Dix comes with two leather straps, a shorter one for shoulder carry and a longer one for crossbody. However, I have relatively short torso and can wear the bag crossbody on the longest setting of the short strap.

However, the only downside is that it is quite difficult to remove / replace the straps – the notches are quite small and tight. Because of that, I realistically won’t be changing them too frequently.

Polene Numero Dix Crossbody
Above: Worn crossbody, longest setting on the short strap.


The Numero Dix is another hit for me. I love that it has a unique shape and style, while remaining classic at the same time. The longer strap crossbody option will be handy if and when the saddle bag & 90’s shoulder bag trends die down. And the quality construction means that it will likely outlast trends from a wear and tear standpoint as well.


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