Polene Numero Neuf Mini & Micro Review

Last updated on January 9th, 2024 at 11:01 pm

Polene Neuf Mini & Neuf Micro Review

When Polene’s Numero Neuf bag first came out, I loved the shape but knew the larger size unfortunately wouldn’t fit my lifestyle.

Cue the recent launch of the Neuf’s smaller sisters: the Neuf Mini and the Neuf Micro. And as much as I sometimes tease the micro bag trend, I couldn’t resist adding it to the cart along with the Mini.


The Neuf Mini sits in the mid-range of Polene bags at $390, and the Neuf Micro at the lower end with a $170 price tag.

As mentioned in my prior Polene reviews, I feel their quality is excellent for their price points. While $170 is a bit high for a micro bag, I appreciate the more reasonable pricing at 50% less than its larger counterpart. Especially when compared to micro bags offered by luxury brands (Dior, I am looking at you).

2024 Update: With the last two years of price increases, the Nuef Mini is now $540. While technically “mini” by name, I’d say this is truly a medium-sized bag and the price is still an OK value.


I’ve always loved the shape of the Neuf, but the original size was simply too large for my needs. It has a very draped look, and while the textured calf leather is certainly pliable, it still holds its shape well. I don’t foresee it becoming misshapen over time at all.

The bottom edges of the bag concern me slightly, since they do protrude from the rest of the design and might be easy to scuff. I’ll update this review with some wear & tear updates over the next few months.


Mini: has very similar capacity to my Beri and Numero Un Mini bags. Arguably, I think it can fit slightly more, given how long the base is. However, this only applies to smaller items – more on this in the next section.

Micro: So… I would say this bag is more about form versus functionality :) I can fit my car keys OR airpods in here, and that is about it. Unfortunately, you cannot fit a credit card.

Fit & Functionality

On the Mini, the main strap opening is too small to fit over my forearm. However, that is not a dealbreaker as I find myself mostly wearing this crossbody with the additional strap. It’s very easy to carry, and the smaller size makes it very wearable crossbody.

There is one significant downside to the design: the bag opening doesn’t expand. While the body of the bag can fit quite a bit, it’s kind of limited due to the small top opening. I struggle a little bit getting my wallet in and out of the opening, and can’t imagine fitting anything larger. For “science” I tried fitting a standard 16oz water bottle, and barely got it in with the bag empty. 

The Micro version’s top handle has a snap closure that I kind of wish they included on the Mini version. On the Mini, the handle can get in the way if you are trying to fit a larger item like a wallet.


Despite the design downside above, I do still really like the Neuf Mini bag. I think it’s a very lovely design at a great price point, and unique from other Polene bags I own. The crossbody strap makes it very easy to use on a daily basis.

The Neuf Micro is not the most… functional bag. But if you’re looking to try out the micro bag trend, it is a super cute one!


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